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Jason Dzubow on Political Asylum

Obama’s Muslim Refugee Army Set to Invade America... Or Is It?

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If that series of tubes called the Internet is to be believed, President Obama is bringing 80,000 Muslim refugees into the United States to take our welfare and convert our children to Islam.  Never mind that most of the 80,000 refugees authorized to come here in FY 2011 are not from Muslim countries or that the refugee admissions numbers are consistent with those of President Bush's administration (and lower than during President Clinton and the first President Bush's terms).

But unfortunately, the internet is not about facts.  From his website, The Last Crusade, Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.-and he never forgets to include those three little letters after his name-screams: "Get ready for the new Muslim invasion!"  Mr.-excuse me, Dr.-Williams informs us:

President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants - - mostly from Islamic countries - - to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.

OK, part of this statement is true.  Just like the presidents before him, President Obama has sent a proposal to Congress about refugee admissions for the current fiscal year.  In that proposal, the President suggests a ceiling of 80,000 refugees who can be admitted into the United States.  The number of potential refugee admissions are divided by region as follows:



East Asia


Europe and Central Asia


Latin America / Caribbean


Near East / South Asia




What's false-and offensive-is Dr. Williams's claim that the 80,000 refugees are "mostly from Islamic countries."  This claim is false because the President's designation does not refer to specific countries.  Rather, the designation refers to regions.  Only after needs are assessed will we know how many refugees each country will produce.  During FY 2009 (the last year I see data available), the largest groups of refugees have come from the following countries (I have listed only countries with over 1,000 refugees; for the entire list, see page 57 of the Proposed Refugee Admissions):


Number of Refugees

Percentage of Total Refugees










Democratic Rep. of Congo






Former Soviet Union















These countries account for over 90% of refugee admissions for FY 2009 and most-about 60%-of these refugees are not from "Islamic" countries.  Further, even the refugees from majority Muslim countries are not necessarily Muslim.  Many refugees from Iraq and Eritrea, for example, are Christians.  So Dr. Williams's claim about a Muslim "invasion" is patently false. 

What is so offensive about Dr. Williams's canard is his implication that something is wrong with Muslim refugees (and Muslims in general).  To Dr. Williams, we are at war with Muslims, and anything we do to help a Muslim only hurts "us."  He conveniently disregards our Muslim allies in the war on terror, or our own Muslim soldiers who risk their lives defending our country.  But hatred and bigotry rarely concerns itself with truth, and to Dr. Williams, the vulnerable Muslim refugees coming to our country are an invading army.  Better we should let them die in refugee camps.  And why not leave the non-Muslim refugees to die as well, for there might be Muslims among them.  To Dr. Williams, we live in an "us" vs. "them" world, where helping refugees-an act of compassion and humanity-is viewed as an act of treason.

Unfortunately, Dr. William's lie has made its way around the internet as truth, and has been re-posted on many blogs.  People who hate Muslims and who hate President Obama seem ready to believe anything that fits their paradigm, regardless of the facts.  It's a shame that refugees-some of the most vulnerable people on earth-are exploited by hate mongers like Dr. Williams, Ph.D.  You'd think an educated person would know better.

Originally published on the Asylumist:

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  1. TL Winslow's Avatar
    Sorry, but there is something wrong with Muslim immigration, and it's called Islam, the world's most intolerant and supremacist ideology, which demands that our Constitution be subverted in favor of Allah's Way or Sharia, which makes Muslims superior to non-Muslims and men to women, like in the Muslim world. It's not their race, but their ideology that makes Muslims a bad idea for immigration to America or anywhere in the non-Muslim world, witness the recent Corvallis Oregon Bomber from Somalia.
  2. Jason Dzubow's Avatar
    To TL Winslow - Your statement is simply wrong. It would be easy to cherry pick all the terrible things Christians have done and then ascribe those actions to all Christians. There certainly are problems with some people who practice Islam, but to impute those problems to all people who practice Islam is incorrect, intellectually dishonest, and bigoted. Jason
  3. STEAMER's Avatar
    This what you have to say is true but still they have taken over eroupe and with it comes the shria law to many many moslems--terrorist threw out america and its all over the world. I as A AMERICAN am scared when they walk down our street cause tomorrow somewhere all of our children shall be in even worse condition. Poverty and shria law. STEAMER--QUESTION IS HOW CAN YOU BELEAVE IN ONLY PARTS OF A BIBLE AND NOT ALL OF IT.
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