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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

Combating the FSBPT’s Discrimination Policy

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As we have previously posted, the FSBPT's July 12 policy barred graduates from universities in the Philippines, India, Egypt and Pakistan from sitting for the NPTE. Under the FSBPT's current policy, graduates from those four countries will be given their own separate but equal exam starting in the Fall of 2011.

MU knows that several states have begun contacting the FSBPT to inquire if the FSBPT can speed up this process or rescind it. Some states may act in the next few days.

Once the letter is issued, it will be incumbent on the FSBPT to reconsider alternatives to their separate but equal approach or run the risk of legal action. MU is also aware of several different parties and states that are consulting with attorneys to evaluate their legal options. Legal action is the least -desired course of action. If you have been denied an opportunity to take the NPTE and you are in the US and would like to help remedy the FSBPT's policy, please contact Cindy Unkenholt or Chris Musillo.


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  1. Taurus's Avatar
    Hi Atty.. I'm not a lawyer but this is obviously unfair and discriminatory. There's no court in America that will uphold this policy and I don't understand why their office's lawyers and insurance companies are letting them violate people's civil rights. My question is why isn't anyone filing an immediate temporary injunction of sorts until all this is sorted out? For instance, don't judges issue injunctions against strikes but will hear the case in detail later? I cannot believe this is happening in America. Thanks!
  2. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    Hi Taurus-

    I agree. It is disgraceful.

    MU is in the process of working with allies and formulating a strategy, which may include litiagtion. The only reason one hasn't been filed so far is because we are assessing the exact best way to do so. We hope to have everything in place by mid-August.

  3. Taurus's Avatar
    Thanks so much, Atty!
  4. my score is 74% and the pass score is 75%'s Avatar
    now they open the exam to those nationalities but they never let more than 10% passing the exam
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