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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

FSBPT "reaffirms" its decision

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A recent posting on the FSBPT website says that the FSBPT Board has "reaffirmed its prior decision" to suspend graduates of PT programs in the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Egypt. The website posting does not indicate why the decision was revisited, what criteria went into the decision, and whether the Board seriously considered revoking its prior decision.

The posting does indicate that the FSBPT Board is directing its staff to quickly produce the FSBPT-YRLY, although it does not expect that the FSBPT_YRLY will be available earlier than the "latter part of 2011".


To read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog, visit or

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  1. Adi's Avatar
    Even if their findings are true, its very sad and illogical to ban 1.4 billion people based on actions of few. Something does not add up.
  2. Melody's Avatar
    Is the USCIS accepting AOS applications for RN's?
  3. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Melody: for some RNs. You should check with your attorney.
  4. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Adi- I agree.
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