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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

FSBPT Suspends NPTE Examination for Graduates of Overseas Programs

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In a stunning development, the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) today announced that it immediately has suspended National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) testing for all graduates of schools located in Egypt, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. India and the Philippines are, by far, the two largest suppliers of foreign-trained Physical Therapists. Graduates from schools in these countries will not be allowed to sit for US examinations for at least one year and probably longer.

The new exam, which is just for the foreign-trained, is to be called the NPTE-YRLY. FSBPT expects to launch the NPTE-YRLY in the fall of 2011. The FSBPT intends to offer the NPTE-YRLY only once per year, at select test sites to be identified at a later date.

The FSBPT website says that this action is a result of "ongoing security breaches by significant numbers of graduates of physical therapy schools from certain foreign countries." Two years ago, the FSBPT eliminated the exam from being offered overseas. Today's action disallows the exam from being offered in the United States as well.

FSBPT's actions are the result of "compelling" evidence that reflects "systematic and methodical sharing and distribution of recalled questions by significant numbers of graduates of programs in the affected countries, as well as several exam preparation companies specifically targeted to these graduates." FSBPT's website says several exam preparation companies engaged in a variety of illegal actions, including widespread sharing of hundreds of live test items.

MU will pass along more news as we receive it.


To read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog, visit or

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  1. Adi's Avatar
    Does it mean no immigration of PTs from these countries until new examination pattern is re-instituted?
  2. Chris Musillo's Avatar

    @Adi: Sort-of. It means nobody who graduates from a school in these countries can sit for the NPTE until the new exam is in place.

    That having been said, MU has already been a party to several calls from groups/US employers who are looking at their alternatives. So this is a fluid situation right now.
  3. Priya's Avatar
    To Whome it may concern,
    Hi i am a Physical therapist from India and i am studing for all most a year for this exam,, suden chage in rule is feel like every thing change in a moment we are working so hard how can FSBPT descriminate us by meance of our origin that is unethical and against law, we have equal rite second if you suspend this exam you should suspand this for all candidate not only for some restricted origin,please understand our emotion and hard work what we are doing for years just to clear this exam.
  4. Adi's Avatar
    Thanks for answering Chris. This looks very drastic.
  5. astrid's Avatar
    What is their stand for those Filipino & other nationalities who have been living here at the US and was also preparing to take the exam and just because they got their education from the Phils. then they are included? Its really unfair, they should go to those people who commited fraud, i agree with them but to make a drastic desicion like these affects many lives not just to those who are still on the countries involve but as well as to those people already living here at the US.
  6. Bob's Avatar
    Just a thought - Only the FSBPT does this. Try to find other boards who are as paranoid. They will do this every few years until new leadership comes to the FSBPT. This is what they do. Cheating is wrong, but discrimination and witch hunts cheat everyone. In the U.S. schools this goes on constantly at all levels. Ever hear of a study group? And why aren't the U.S. grads affected when there is documented proof (re: George Mason U.)
    My guess is that someone at the FSBPT is making this personal.
    My wife graduated in 1998 from a well respected school and they pigeon-holed her just because that. We have written to our senator about this to try and get more information. I hope to hear back soon. Many innocent people, families, kids - will be affected by this action.
    Bob in HB
  7. malavilka's Avatar
    I'm a have done my master from USA. still it is the same situation.
  8. AG's Avatar
    Facebook Page for NPTE
  9. Jim's Avatar
    "My guess is that someone at the FSBPT is making this personal."

    Some of the decisions being made now are short of personal or outright discriminatory. I would like to believe that it's not borne of stupidity.

    This includes the recent rule by CA Board of Registered Nursing to require a foreign national applying to their board to give a US SSN or they won't be allowed to apply. Require a US SSN from a foreign national?? WTF!?

    I personally think there is a concerted effort by some of these institutions to restrict applications. This needs to be investigated.

  10. abenk's Avatar
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