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Joel Stewart on PERM Labor Certification

PERM Telephone Workshops

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We're kicking off a new season of PERM workshops this week.  Ths idea is to bring PERM up to date in 2012. 

Many changes have been made in the regulations, operating instructions (FAQ's and Stakeholder Meetings), and BALCA has issued a plethora of decisions since 2005 when PERM was introduced as the law of the land.

The first telephone conference is this Thursday, March 22nd.  Michael Piston and Nathan Waxman will join me to discuss some very interesting and important issues, including utilizing 2nd preference applications with PERM and/or with Schedule A (including nurses, physical therapists, exceptional aliens in science, business or arts, or performing arts) National Interest Waivers, reviewing basic definitions such as full-time employment for seasons workers and medical residents, roving employees, job shops and home offices, new interpretations as to valid and bona fide employers, analysis of the anti-fraud rules prohibiting alien payment of fees or costs in PERM processing, reviewing the role of attorneys, agents and preparers in PERM processing, alien ownership or family relationships in PERM applications, and an update on prevailing wage "scope of validity" and other issues.

This is an advanced level workshop for experts, so sharpen your pencil and join us for our 2012 updates on these and other issues.

Down the road are two more ILW telephonic workshops in the same series, and I hope to do an all-day workshop this year, as we have done in the past, where participants can be "totally immersed" in PERM to get a better understanding of how PERM works (or how it doesn't work!) as the case may be.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, colleagues and new faces as well.




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