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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

CGFNS encourages on-line filings

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CGFNS recently announced that paper Applications will incur an additional $75 charge. In order to avoid the charge, applicants are encouraged to file their Applications on-line at CGFNS Connect.

CGFNS is one of the major credentials evaluators for internationally-educated students. Their credentials evaluation services include registration and licensure of nurses and other health care professionals, such as Physical and Occupational Therapists.

Perhaps their best-known service is the Visa Screen, which is the CGFNS-branded Healthcare Worker Certificate. US immigration law mandates that all Applicants for nonimmigrant and immigrant visas obtain a Healthcare Worker Certificate prior to entering the US.


Several private companies are approved to issue the HWC, although most are limited by occupation. For instance, FCCPT issues HWCs for Physical Therapists; NBCOT issues HWCs for Occupational Therapists. CGFNS issues HWCs for all seven relevant occupations:

  • Licensed practical nurse, licensed vocational nurse, or registered nurse

  • Occupational therapist

  • Physical therapist

  • Speech language pathologist and audiologist

  • Medical technologist (clinical laboratory scientist)

  • Physician assistant

  • Medical technician (clinical laboratory technician)

To read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog, visit or


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  1. Rala's Avatar
    When there no visa available who will waste money and time for CGFNS.
  2. SG's Avatar
    And that is precisely the reason that the number of international applicants has been falling for quite some time. and it is going to continue like that for a loooooong time, since CIR or any legal immigration fixes have a chance of passing by 2020.
  3. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    For nurses who don't qualify for the H-1B, I agree with you. There isn't much of a point to file for CGFNS with a 7+ year wait.

    FWIW, there are some other occuations -- PTs, OTs, SLPs, etc. -- for whom this is worthwhile news.

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