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Joel Stewart on PERM Labor Certification

PERM For Experts: Post Filing Issues

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The last in our current series of PERM Telephonic Seminars is on Post Filing Issues.

The topics are divided into the following:

  • Audits and Denials: Void for Vagueness

    • Challenging audit: does the selection process meet due process

    • How to fix defective documents in response to audit

    • Documenting business necessity

    • Flawed documentation in audit file

    • Obligation of Certifying Office to provide clear basis for denial

    • Post-denial: file a motion to reconsider or request for review

  • The Record File: A Tool for Rebuttal and Reconsideration

    • Review to decide on motion or request for review

    • Supplementing record file during rebuttal or by motion

    • Record file and request for review

  • Using the Administrative Procedure Act to Win Your Case

    • When to go to Federal Court

    • Which court to go

    • Is it necessary to appeal to BALCA first?

    Our speakers are well versed on these topics. Larry Rudnick is a PERM Pundit with experience in all aspects of labor certification practice, including Federal Court Practice.

    Lorna Burgess is the First Lady of Labor Certification, and a long-standing contributor, who has researched labor certification issues exhaustively and written many articles for AILA, ILW and other professional and bar associations.

    Michael Piston is a dynamic litigator who presents cutting-edge ideas on litigation of administrative law decisions, based on the regulations of the DOL, the APA, and Federal Courts.

    Please join us Thursday, November 4th, for this interesting and lively presentation of ideas on PERM Post Filing Issues.



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