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Joel Stewart on PERM Labor Certification

PERM in the "No Vacation Nation!"

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I saw an article on a TV news journal called "No Vacation Nation!"  They compared the culture of vacation in various countries.

The US has among the lowest vacation times in the world. According to the journal, we're a bunch of workaholics.

That's what makes the U.S. a leader in the world --  innovative, powerful, ready to work!

And that's what attracts immigrants to this country -- the ability to work hard and harvest the results.

According to the PERM Rule, aliens may not immigrate to the US to seek employment unless they have a labor certification, documenting that for the particular job a controlled search has not produced a worker who is available, qualified, willing and able to perform the job duties in the specific metropolitan statistical (commuting) area.

Unemployment has always been an issue in the U.S., but experienced practitioners understand that ambition and the will to get ahead is a strong force that motivates most Americans.

In the current economy the jobs at the low end of the economy are still available, as witnessed by signs in chain restaurants and businesses around the land and ads in newspapers.

It is a different story to find a high paying job, which many US workers are vying for, as everyone wans to be a manager.

Yet I have always been amazed how hard it is to find qualified workers for certain types of positions.

I remember one case where an Employer advertised for a tile setter at $15.00 per hour. Only one worker responded to the ad. As it turned out, the worker was an illegal alien who wanted to perform the job as a contract worker, and would not accept the job as an employee at an hourly wage.

Then there was the case of the horse trainer. One US worker seemed interested (yes, only one), but when the Employer offered the job to the trainer, she refused the position. She said it would interrupt her current plans.

And domestic house workers (live in or live out) with good references and kind hearts are virtually impossible to find in the U.S. employment market.

Even during bad conditions as in today's economy, PERM job searches do not produce workers who are qualified, able, available or willing to perform certain kinds of jobs, especially low paying, labor intensive, menial tasks.

Aliens have traditionally performed these tasks. They built the railroads and skyscrapers, worked in the agricultural fields and factories, served us our food and tended our gardens, and, in many cases, took care of our children.

Americans have a passion to work. They prefer work than vacation. And many aliens want to get on board.

It's been said many times, many ways -- work is the essence of life, work is health, work makes us strong.

That's why foreign workers are still needed in the world's only "no vacation nation." 

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  1. Sergi's Avatar
    Remember the below story Joel? (see below clip) I could be wrong but I choose to believe that the US has workers willing to do these jobs but please prove me wrong. I think the problem is outsourcing our manufacturing, foreign IT workers who leave our kids out of jobs when they graduate with huge debt and corporations that would rather exploit cheap foreign labor than hire Americans at a decent wage. I do agree there is a shortage of workers for some service sector jobs but not for the reason you mentioned because our kids are soft fat and lazy and too "connected" to the cyber world and spoiled by over-indulgent parents. There is no greater motivator for getting a high wage paying job than to spend a year flipping burgers or folding clothes at a retail store in a mall. Our kids don't do the 'starter" jobs we did and as a result come unprepared into the work force after college expecting to be president of the company and have no interpersonal skills to survive in the workplace.

    A group of 500 foreign welders and pipefitters brought in to work at Gulf Coast oil rig yards after Hurricane Katrina said Monday that they had sued their employer, claiming they were lured with false promises of permanent-resident status, forced to live in inhumane conditions and then threatened when they protested.

    The workers were recruited in India and the United Arab Emirates and brought in late 2006 and early 2007 under the government's temporary guest worker program. They worked at Signal International, an oil-rig repair and construction company with yards in Pascagoula, Miss., about 85 miles east of here, and in Orange, Tex., about 100 miles east of Houston.
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