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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

Visa Bulletin Analysis and Predictions

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In the January 2010 Visa Bulletin, the Department of State made "best case" predictions on where the visa numbers would be in September 2010, which is the end of the Fiscal Year 2010. October 2010 is the first Visa Bulletin of Fiscal Year 2011.

In this Blog post, MU has done a analysis of the progress of these projections, including the just-released June 2010 Visa Bulletin. Most of the DOS' projections are proving to be accurate, with the notable exception of All Other EB3, including the Philippines.

India EB2
June 2010: 01FEB05.
Predicted Sept 2010: February through early March 2005
MU Comment: The India EB2 visa number is right on the mark.

China EB2
June 2010: 22NOV05.
Predicted Sept 2010: July through October 2005.
MU Comment: The China EB2 visa number has already surpassed the "best case" scenario, which is good news.

India EB3
June 2010: 22OCT01.
Predicted Sept 2010: January through February 2002.
MU Comment: The India EB3 number has steadily moved since January 2010, when the India EB3 number was 22JUN01. The number looks to be on pace to meet the predicted number.

China EB3
June 2010: 22JUN03.
Predicted Sept 2010: June through September 2003.
MU Comment: The China EB2 visa number is right on the mark.

All Other EB3 (incl. Philippines)
June 2010: 22 JUN 03.
Predicted Sept 2010: April through August 2005
MU Comment: This is the prediction that is the most disheartening. By now we would have expected the All Other EB3 to be well into 2004, and maybe even into 2005. The fact that the number is still in mid-2003 leads us to believe that the predicted date will not be reached.

That having been said, MU expects the All Other Visa Number to begin to move at a quicker pace. There does not appear too many cases that are still left that are this old on our roster of cases and on the roster of cases still with other attorneys.


To read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog, visit or


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  1. chepita's Avatar
    Hope then? My PD is March 2009... Loong wait. I am in the US with an F-1 and currently working on my BSN. I'll get CPT for a year after I graduate and then on with my masters...maybe by then I'll get a visa.
  2. James D. Acoba's Avatar

    Don't forget that in the last quarter, the per country limits do not apply. I suspect that the All Others are being held back by the fact that the per country limits for heavily over subscribed countries, i.e., Mexico, India, and China, prevent the priority dates for other less heavily subscribed counties from moving. Once the per country limits are relaxed during the fourth quarter, things should jump. I wouldn't be surprised to start receiving NVC correspondence in the next couple of weeks.
  3. nagamani's Avatar
    Dear Chris,
    I feel the only solution is introducing Nurse bill seperately of attaching to other bills.

    Any efforts being made on that.


  4. nyra lopez's Avatar
    i still remember around 2008 there was a big jump in the Feb Vb about 2.5 years,that gives me reasons to stay optimistic somehow..
  5. som's Avatar
    i am waiting for my visa as an f1... what is the most possible way to go in the US? my priority date is 2001... can i go there as a tourist?
  6. hermie's Avatar
    my priority date is september 2005 eb3 other worker in the phils when do u think i will reach that date
  7. Fikikar's Avatar
    I'm eb3'Other Workers" September 2003.When I'll get my visa?
  8. Fikikar's Avatar
    I can't see any explanation and movement of EB3'Other Workers"I'm waiting since 2003.Do you think there will be any movement in the future or this category is already forgotten?
  9. sonia manzano's Avatar
    what would be the projections for fiscal year 2011 ?hope E3 Philippines will have a huge leap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep hoping and praying .
  10. emer's Avatar
    Hi Chepita, Need to talk to u. Here's my email address Thanks
  11. Martin's Avatar
    This makes great sense
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