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Joel Stewart on PERM Labor Certification

Granite Fabricator v. Granite Installer

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

The difference between a Granite Fabricator and a Granite Installer is that in the employment-based immigrant preference system the former is an "Other Worker" and the latter is a "Skilled Worker", with O"Net Job Zone ratings of "2" and "3" respectively. Most aliens applying for certification to work with granite have had experience in granite fabrication and installation. The phrase "Granite Fabricator"  refers to cutting or carving granite according to diagrams and specifications.  DOL puts the job of Granite Fabricator on the O*Net as "51-9195.03 - Stone Cutters and Carvers, Manufacturing," commanding Zone Level Two (Maximum One Year Experience). Hence the job is categorized as an "Other Worker." In addition to Granite Fabricator, the O*Net has the job of "Granite Installer" listed as "47-2022.00 - Stonemasons." This job has Job Zone Level Three (Maximum Two Years Experience). In normal industry practice, granite slabs are cut into pieces in shops, according to designs and patterns obtained on-site. Afterward, the pieces are given to installers who then perform the duties of installation. Before filing an application for a Granite worker, it is important to determine whether the worker will be working principally with fabrication or installation. The significance of this detail is that the Granite Fabricator will enter into the long, slow-moving "Other Worker" line, while the Granite Installer will move more quickly toward permanent residency in the faster-moving "Skilled Worker" category. The position of Granite Installer should not be confused with the position of Tile and Marble Setter, O*Net 47-2044.00, considered to be an unskilled "Other Worker," and not a "Skilled Worker." Apparently the DOL believes that lesser skilled workers can install Tile and Marble, and that more highly skilled workers are required to install Granite.

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  1. Honza P's Avatar
    What an insane system. It sounds like a Franz Kafka nightmare.
    Wouldn't it be better to allow anyone who can come up with, say $75,000.00 directly or through an employing sponsor and who passes health and security checks come on in?

    (Response from Joel Stewart -- Thanks for your comment. Your idea makes more sense than the current system!)
  2. Granite Tools & Fabrication's Avatar
    Well, installing granite is a totally different process than tile.
  3. Joel Stewart's Avatar
    The government maintains job descriptions on the O*Net, but they do not make the point clear, because they use generalized words and descriptions. I have also asked many persons who work in tile, granite and marble, to explain the difference in their work. They have not explained the differences to my satisfaction. I assume that we are talking about interior installations -- floors, counters, bathrooms, and not external building or structures. I would appreciate any information that you could provide to explain the different processes.
  4. Govindan's Avatar
    I understand what the basic difference of Granite Fabricator and Granite Installer. Granite Fabricator gives the design and shape to Granite as per customer requirement whereas the Granite Installer use it at the place where required.The job is totally different. But I have one question in mind. Does they are not able to do each other work i.e. fabricator can designed and install and vise versa because they both have enough knowledge.I could appreciate if you clear my doubt.
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