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Joel Stewart on PERM Labor Certification

Welcome note from Joel Stewart!

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Welcome to my Blog!

I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and information regarding employment based immigration, and especially regarding labor certification. I will be happy to discuss issues regarding the pre-PERM and PERM laws, including Regular Labor Certification Processing, Reduction in Recruitment, Backlog Elimination Centers, PERM Applications, BALCA, Prevailing Wage and Employment Based Preference Categories.

Many thanks to ILW.COM for offering this forum!

-- Joel Stewart

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  1. susan ward's Avatar
    I would be very interested in sharing idea's and maybe working together in some way

    You can find me via
  2. Riddhi Desai's Avatar
    LC approved for computer analyst from India who has M.E. in Indust. eng and BE in Mech Engineering. ETA-750 reqd Bechelor's or equiv degree in comp. science or related field and 3 yrs exp.... NSC sent I-140 RFE: "Provide objective, verifiable documentary evidenceto establish definition of "equivalent" as it was defined during occupational assessment and LC process.Such stmt may include a stmt from DOL explaining the term, recruitment docu or that no applicant with similar qualifications as bene was denied...
    Where do I find this? This is reverse problem...
  3. Joel Stewart's Avatar
    Dear Riddhi,

    Thank you for your interesting question. I posted your question and my answer separately as a new entry to the Blog. See above!
  4. Joel Stewart's Avatar
    Dear Susan,

    I will lookforward to your input!
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