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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

CES On-Line Only Starting March 1

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Earlier this month, CGFNS launched their on-line CES reporting system. Starting on March 1, 2010, CES paper reports will no longer be mailed. Each individual report will be available for one year, after which it will no longer be available

On-line reporting will not be available to applicants who were issued a report before February 2, 2010. Applicants who are issued a report between February 2 and March 1 will receive a paper copy of the report in the mail and also be able to view and download their report online.

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  1. nagamani's Avatar
    Will Jobs Bill create any path for Nurse visa. Added to that Obama is commited to push HC.

    Hope for the best
  2. Sagar/Jack's Avatar
    I think, jobs bill has nothing to do with nurses...
  3. Sagar/Jack's Avatar
    Earlier you said that 'the Dems are trying to reduce the scale of the healthcare bill in the hopes of getting it passed. My contacts in DC say that adding an issue like visa reform for nurses and PTs is not going to help the Healthcare Bill get passed and therefore will not happen'.
    Now, Demos are planning to pass the HCbill thru rconciliation. So, your lobbyist are thinking to attach nurses bill to HCbill..? Any chance,,?
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