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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Punishment and Profits: Immigration Detention

Rating: 3 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Raja's Avatar
    Mexico has a "strategy' for trying to srucee more rights and freedoms for their citizens in the US. They are not speaking of those who have come here legally but instead for those who believe US laws should not apply to them.Instead of offering good reasons why we should accept up to 40% of their population here without permission, they just insist on calling America names for not being entirely willing to do so.They raised a huge fuss over the US building a wall on our Southern border because it would effectively make it harder for their people to cross the border. They know this because they already used money given them to fight the Drug War to build one of their own against Guatemala. But if America builds one then they must be racist and xenophobic.They complain that we are being inhumane when we send them back home after all the difficulties they faced sneaking into our country. They complain that it is profiling to ask for their ID when everyone else is required to present ID to a law officer when requested.Mexico seems to believe that succeeding in breaking the law should mean that it no longer applies and their citizens should be rewarded for it.They say they want justice for the Hispanic People but demand special privileges be accorded to them based on race alone. That is not any kind of "justice".What do they consider justice? To give special advantages to them based on which country they are from or the color of their skin?If justice prevails, the law applies equally to everyone. Whether they like it or not, that means they get sent back to their own nation for breaking our laws.All nations have immigration laws, America is right to ours and they apply equally, even to those who shout that is is racist for that to be so,
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