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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Largest Immigration "Sweep" in History Nets 3,168 Immigrants

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And the deportation machine rolls on.

The Obama administration announced yesterday that they arrested more than 3,100 immigrants over a six day period.  It was called operation "Cross Check," and is the largest of its kind in the history of the United States.

Another record for President Obama.

It has been reported that more than half (1,691) of all of the immigrants detained have not committed serious crimes.

Here is the bottom line, the President needs to start telling the American public the truth that his administration has adopted a no-nonsense immigration enforcement strategy that is hell-bent on deporting as many immigrants as the system will allow.  If he would acknowledge this self-evident truth I would have a lot more respect for the man.  That being said, he needs to put an end to the persistent stream of lies that he is utilizing common sense enforcement strategies. Unless, of course, you consider it to be common sense to use the shotgun approach.

On that note, I have heard multiple reports that individuals that received deferred action under the Morton memo are having extensions denied.  Apparently the news coverage has gone away on their cases, along with the embarrassment to the administration.  Remember the golden rule, it is ok to deport an immigrant, so long as the T.V. cameras aren't rolling.

I'll post more on the subject when I am permitted to do so.

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  1. Auth's Avatar
    Homeland Security is a joke. So Now our loyal Border Patrol Agents including a young man who reetlcny died as a direct consequence of Fast and Furious have fought this border war for nothing? According to the Minutemen, over 14,000 a DAY sneak into our country illegally. Now they don't even need to sneak. They'll just walk by oyr Border Patrol and laugh at them and at the whole country. Stand up and fight this scourge! WE NEED A GOVERNMENT WHICH ENFORCES OUR LAWS!! Aren't there legal consequences for a so-called president who refuses to enforce our laws, sues those who do enforse them and sides with foreign nationals over his own fellow citizens? Oh, I forgot. He's not an American citizen, is for the New World Order, bows to foreign kings, is a muslim and hates America.
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