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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

PTs qualifying under the EB-2 Green Card

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For many non-Indian and non-Chinese natives, the EB-2 Permanent Residency visa (green card) provides an fast and cost-effective alternative to the H-1B process. MU has successfully applied for the EB-2 for many Physical Therapists who have five years of progressive experience in occupation after the attainment of their Bachelors degree.

We now believe that we have a successful strategy for Physical Therapists who hold an FCCPT "first professional degree" evaluation, even if the Physical Therapist does not have five years of post-Bachelors degree progressive experience. If you are interested in having an MU attorney review your matter for applicability as an EB-2 Permanent Residency green card, please contact Chris Musillo or Cindy Unkenholt.

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  1. jem's Avatar
    Hi Chris!

    Is this only applicable to FCCPT eval? How about ICD/CGFNS education evaluation?

  2. guest's Avatar
    Can a RN with Bachelor's degree and less than five years of experience qualify for same EB2?
  3. rajani's Avatar
    Hello Chris, Can you please updaste us on the meeting the AILA and other employers had with USCIS regarding the memo last thrusday? Is there any hope for RNs to get H1B visa?
  4. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Rajani- The only hope for RNs to obtain H-1Bs is here:
    The teleconference was not related to RN H-1Bs.
  5. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Guest- An EB2 is premised on a position requiring either a Masters degree or a Bachelors degree + 5 years experience. The key issue is not the beneficiary's experience, but rather the position's minimum experience requirement.

    Most US RN positions do not require a Masters degree (or Bachelors + 5 yrs exp) and are therefore unable to satisfy the EB2 standard.
  6. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Jem- My posting is only for FCCPT evals. Those with ICD/CGFNS evals are still able to do it, but the approvability of those cases is more questionable. If you want me to explore the ICD/CGFNS eval with you, feel free to email me (click on the By-line link in my blog posting).
  7. guest's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer Mr. Musillo. However, would you think of a possible position within nursing that such 5-year work requirement for the job (not 5 years of experience), and a Bachelor's degree would quality under this provision? Hmm Nursing educator? Nursing suprevisor?
  8. nagamani's Avatar
    Dear Chris,
    I am Msc in Nursing having about 5 years teaching experience in India and wating for Interview at consulate. Will I be able to qualify.

  9. Priya's Avatar
    Hello chris

    I am a Pt fm india , i was told that pt's from india are ristricted to work in 2-3 cities only is this true pls reply
  10. neel's Avatar
    @priya, it's not true.
  11. eb5 green card's Avatar
    The need for these qualified professionals will not be going away anytime soon and I think trading a green card for their services is an incredibly fair swap.
  12. Upender Singh's Avatar
    Hi Chris,

    First of all, I must thank you for your valuable blog. I am a regular reader.
    I am a H-1B- PT working for a hospital system.

    Education and experience for my present job posting were :


    Graduate of an accredited program of Physical therapy
    Current licensure with Board of Physical Therapy registration
    Current licensure in the State of Michigan

    Experience required:

    Previous experience in the physical therapy field preferred

    I have a Masters in PT (IERF-FCCPT-TYpe-II) and 9 years experience(4.5 YR IN US)
    I dont have an active I-140. I plan to ask my present employer file for it.Lets us say I want to shoot for EB-2, what do I need to tell my employer.I am confident they will file for me and let me choose my attorney etc. Do they have to bring a new job posting. I need the prelimnary information before I can go ahead.
  13. eb5 green card's Avatar
    I would definitely advise any immigrants who are unclear on either their status or their options to contact an immigration attorney. Immigrants cannot be expected to understand all of the intricacies of the law, and it would be a real sin for them to lose their status over an issue that was easily avoidable.
  14. MUHAMMAD AKRAM's Avatar

  15. Chris Musillo's Avatar

    You may be able to. You should certianly consult a good immigration lawyer to assess your options.

  16. Christian Louboutin Replica's Avatar
    *People are always telling you what to do, but what's right for them may not be right for you.
  17. Ra's Avatar
    Just recived RFE from uscis. " please provide that the minimum education requirement for physical therapy is at least masters in the state of Michigan "
  18. Vitamins Canada's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for sharing that news. That would definitely help them with what they do.
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