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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Obama Administration Raids Latino Church during Mass

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The Detroit Free Press has reported that the Obama administration has sent their attack dogs to raid the Ste. Anne Church while special prayers were being held in honor of the naming of St. Anne as the patron saint of Detroit.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) first target was a Latino man, who they immediately handcuffed and detained.  CBP subsequently released him due to the inconvenient fact that he is living in the United States LEGALLY. 

Ryan Bates, director of the Michigan office of the Alliance for Immigrants Rights and Reform, was quoted in the article: "Instead of going after hard-core criminals, they would rather go to areas like southwest Detroit and harass people who have the wrong color."

The article further reports that Latinos living in metro Detroit, which includes U.S. citizens, are being racially profiled by CBP. The Alliance has released a report entitled: "A Culture of Cruelty," which outlines 30,000 incidents over the past three years involving abuse and mistreatment of immigrants by ICE.  This includes examples of CBP stalking parents that drop off their kids at a predominantly Latino school.  Shameful.

I agree with Mr. Bates: this administration's "cowboy mentality" needs to change.

Now that would finally be some "Change" I could actually believe in.

Click here to read to the full article.

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  1. Moncler France Boutique's Avatar
    If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.
  2. Gibi's Avatar
    very early on was the U.S. History (at least its books) have misconstrued facts about its hsotiry. U.S. History books are intentionally written to show a story that hides the deprivation and genocide that took place on our soil. So, my question is how does any ONE person find the true hsotiry of the United States? If every book is written with how the author views our hsotiry, then how do we ever know what is factual and what isn't? It certainly is not possible to ask anyone who was around back in the 18 and 1900's, so where do we turn for non-biased information?I do think that it is quite difficult to come up with an immigration policy, at least one that appeases to everyone's needs. Truth of the matter is, you cannot make everyone happy at the same time. It just isn't possible. Someone will disagree or feel oppressed. I think the trouble is that those in the political arena want to create laws more so to satisfy their own political agendas than what will really solve the underlying issues with immigration. One thing I noticed is Dr. Richards' insistence that our business world is what dominantly shapes our immigration policies. "We" need immigrants to do the jobs that most do not want to do and if they did, they wouldn't want to do it for cheap dirty jobs, to some, should yield a higher paycheck. Immigrants tend to not be on that level they will work for lower wages doing the dirty jobs and business owners (at all levels) will gladly pay the cheap wages and sweep their status' under the rug. Congo the Dog. That was pretty interesting the facts and circumstances of that case is what I mean. To answer Dr. Richards' question, no I do not think the assemblyman would have initiated that bill/law if it was a white person who was attacked. However, I also feel that it would not have been initiated if the person who was attacked was legal no matter the race or ethnicity. I think the public has an issue with an illegal immigrant receiving a 250K settlement from the insurance company, I think that infuriates a whole lot of people. It certainly makes my eyes widen just a smidge. I mean, if I went to Mexico and I was attacked by someone's animal down there, would anyone want to extend help my way or want to see justice done for me? I'd venture to say (and this is based off of time I've spent in Mexico, no not at resorts either) that they would welcome nothing for me except me getting what I deserved and that I had no right to be there anyways. I have had friends go to Mexico and be beaten and robbed by Mexican authorities where is their settlements? Where is their sympathy for the people of Mexico? The Rant. Well, I have to say, I can appreciate what this guy thinks of illegal immigration. While I think he could go about it in a more productive way, it is not like he a political figure, so why does he need to be calm in the assertion of his feelings? I agree with him; our country is harboring illegal immigrants, nobody can deny that fact and he is not wrong for bringing that to our attention. I also think he made a good point in that if you knowingly hire an escaped convict you are harboring a fugitive/convicted felon but it is okay if you knowingly hire an illegal immigrant? It sometimes makes me wonder what some people would do if they lost their cushy jobs sitting behind their desks in air conditioning and had to go out and look for those lower-level/lower-paying jobs if their family's livelihood depended on it but they lost out to an illegal immigrant how would that shift their views on these so called "rights" of illegal immigrants?
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