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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

Visa Bulletin Starts to Slowly Move

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The January 2010 Visa Bulletin (released in mid-December 2009) contained information that explained the methodology behind the DOS' VB. Going further, the DOS predicted expected progression of VB dates throughout Fiscal Year 2010. That process appears to be starting with the just-released February 2010 VB. Fiscal Year 2010 runs from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010.

The VB dates in February will be:

EB1: all current
EB2: all current, except China (22May05) and India (22Jan05) -
EB3: all 22SEPT02, except India (22Jun01) and Mexico (22Jul02)

The EB2 category had a slight movement in China, none in India. This is consistent with the January 2010 VB. The EB3 category had 6 week improvement in all categories, except India and Mexico. These progressions are less than one might have expected, but not so much so that there should be any cause for doubting the earlier DOS projections.

The January VB projections for EOY FY-2010 cut-off dates were:

China: July - October 2005
India: February - early March 2005

Worldwide: April - August 2005
China: June - September 2003
India: January - February 2002
Mexico: January - June 2004
Philippines: April - August 2005

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