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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

The Next Decade's Jobs

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by Chris Musillo

Where are the next decade's American jobs? The answer is undoubtedly healthcare. Four of the next decade's top 10 occupations with the largest growth are in health care, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study reported by National Public Radio.

Leading the pack is Registered Nursing. The US economy expects to demand over a half million RNs (22%) in the next ten years, at an average salary over $60,000 per year. Immigration traditionally has been used to fill obvious US supply shortages. Americans opinions on immigration differ, but after looking at the objective employment numbers, liberalized immigration for healthcare workers ought to be something everyone can agree on.

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  1. Sagar's Avatar
    I am pretty sure that they won't be able to find that many nurses...Now, number of nurses appearing for NCLEX is lowering, Nurses who passed nclex ALREADY SETTLED IN COUNTRIES LIKE AUSTALIA AND UK. When ever US congress feels that they need foreign nurses, there won't be anybody to come for immidiet rquirement. Rightnow, they are lot of nurses waiting in pipeline (most of them settled somewhere else); clear them first; then remain nurses will have feeling that once you pass the nclex you can go to US within 3-4 years..Life is too short; can't wait for a GC for ever.
    This is the ideal time to attach HR 5924 to HC bill as an amendment. No point of passing HC bill without enough staff. If they are waiting for that untill they sort out CIR......!! hai man check NCLEX status and see how many are their to appear for test....Chris, you must educate our lobbyist as well..
  2. Working Nurse's Avatar
    Where are these shortages? There are thousands of US nurses (mostly new graduates) unemployed.

    The job projections for RNs are for outpatient areas, such as doctor's offices, out patient clinics, and home health nursing. Foreign graduates overwhelming work in urban hospitals where the foreign nurses didn't have to pay for relocation. Since outpatient areas are reimbursed at the lower rate how are they going to pay to recruit and train the foreign nurses. For home care, you must also have a driver's license, are these agencies going to pay to not only pay airfare, housing, training, but include driving lessons ?
  3. Jack's Avatar
    Shortages what he is talking about is from US government dept only. Not only that, while they introduced HR5924, the particular senetor stated the same that there are shortage. Can your senetors tell lies to the congress..?
  4. American citizen's Avatar
    No ones knows how the health care bill is going to work.The health care reform changes almost daily, one issue is clear funding to hospitals and nursing homes will be decreased. Although there will be a clinical need for nurses there won't be any funds to pay them. Nursing leaders are looking for nursing care models to maximize the nursing role and farm out certain nursing roles to nursing techs. There is not going to be an extra funds for recruiting foreign nurses especially when US nurses are unemployed.

    Nursing leaders are reviewing the NCLEX, the goal is to make it more difficult, this is bad news for foreign nurses who fail the NCLEX at a higher rate compared to US nurses.

    Sagar, I agree life is too short, the "American Dream" is not a sure thing

    HR5924 is dead, it was brought to the House not the Senate and the sponsor Congressmen Wexler has resigned his seat.
  5. Thomas Philip's Avatar
    I agree with Sagar attach HR 5924 to HC to fill the shortages especially in Nursing Homes grab the foreign nurses when they are available . Dont wait until shortage becomes catostrophic.Nursing unions also agree about the shortages. CIR is not going to happen especially when every american is finding difficult to get into a job.
  6. Working Nurse's Avatar
    To Thomas Philip:

    Nursing homes are staffed by Licensed Practical Nurses, only need a few RNS in LTC, LPNs do not qualify for immigration since the program is only 9 months. In the time it takes to import a foreign nurse a US citizen can be employed. There no HR 5924- it's dead.
  7. Sagar's Avatar
    To working nurse and others,
    I know HR5924 is dead. What jack was saying was while Congressmen Wexler introduced the bill he confirmed that there is a shortage of nurses. Was he a lier? All govt statics shows that there is a shortage of nurses...except few of you claims that 'my friend is a nurse, still she couldn't find a nurses job..etc. What to belive YOU or US govt depts..?
    In UK they had a shortages for nurses and they put nursing catogery in red list. So, embassy can immedietly realese visa for nurses. Now, they do not have big shortages, so removed it from red cat and that was announced as well.
    But, in US, if you think there is no shortage, then, why can't you stop collecting money for NCLEX, visa screes..etc from poor people..? Just confirm that you do not have shortage and stop this robbbery...That's what UK did..never give false hope..Britan is Britan...More respect to human...
    at least your nurses union can tell govt to stop this robbery...CAN YOU..?
  8. Working Nurse's Avatar

    Since Former Congressmen Wexler filed this bill the US Economy has tanked. I live in the USA and know that jobs are in short supply. As far as NCLEX, the general public makes no money from NCLEX. Why do you think there has been retrogression.....there is no need to import large numbers of nurses.
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