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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

The CIR Battle Begins

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On Tuesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez will unveil his version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which he calls CIR ASAP (Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009). CIR ASAP immediately has 10+ co-sponsors.

Rep. Gutierrez has long been a pro-immigration stalwart. The initial version of CIR ASAP is likely more liberal than any future bill. The initial list of co-sponsors does not include any Republican members of Congress.

It will be interesting to see if the Obama Administration comments on CIR ASAP or whether they wait for the Senate version of the bill to weigh in. It is assumed that Sen. Schumer's office has been working on a tamer version of CIR.

Once CIR ASAP is published, I will review it for impact on Healthcare occupations. CIR ASAP comes on the heels of an impressive study by the Immigration Policy Center that highlights the critical role immigrants play on US healthcare.

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  1. Adi's Avatar
    Thanks for update Chris. Looking forward to your analysis.
  2. Sagard's Avatar
    Here is the link to the text of the CIR ASAP. It has provisions for Visa Recapture, raise the per-country limit, and also, excludes dependents from the annual cap numbers.. etc.. etc.. Overall, this proves to be a very good bill for us LEGAL immigrants too..

    Here are the few major highlights pertaining to us..
  3. caroline's Avatar
    If I may comment on this, this might be yet another bill passed but what happens next is still something we have to wait and wait and wait for. That is.. "IF" something happens within the year.
  4. Vepodleop's Avatar
    This is really good information I have visited this blog to read something fresh and I really admire you efforts in doing so.
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