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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

23 New Immigration Judges Sworn in

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EOIR Press Release:

The Executive Office for Immigration Review
Swears in 23 New Immigration Judges
Judge Corps Reaches 262 Serving in 59 Immigration Courts

FALLS CHURCH, Va. - Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler invested 23
new immigration judges during a ceremony held at the Executive Office for Immigration
Review's (EOIR) headquarters on Nov. 5, 2010.

Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Silvia R. Arellano, Jerry A. Beatmann Sr.,
Jesse B. Christensen, Steven J. Connelly, Philip J. Costa, V. Stuart Couch, Thomas G. Crossan Jr.,
Leo A. Finston, Saul Greenstein, Amy C. Hoogasian, Stuart F. Karden, F. James Loprest Jr.,
Lisa Luis, Joren Lyons, H. Kevin Mart, Sheila McNulty, Maureen S. O'Sullivan, Daniel J.
Santander, Alice Segal, Andrea H. Sloan, Dan Trimble, Eileen R. Trujillo, Clarence M. Wagner
Jr., and Virna A. Wright to these important public service positions. Andrea H. Sloan entered on
duty on Oct. 24, 2010, but was unable to attend Friday's ceremony.

"We have made great progress since we began our robust immigration judge hiring
initiative earlier this year," said Chief Immigration Judge Brian M. O'Leary. "These new
immigration judges bring the judge corps of our 59 immigration courts to 262, and we expect to
further enhance the corps by additional immigration judges before the end of the calendar year."

The hiring process for most of these new immigration judges began in December 2009. After initial screening, EOIR's human resources section referred 1,782 applications to the Office
of the Chief Immigration Judge. Four panels of assistant chief immigration judges screened the
applications for the following criteria: ability to demonstrate the appropriate temperament to
serve as a judge; knowledge of immigration laws and procedures; substantial litigation
experience, preferably in a high-volume context; experience handling complex legal issues;
experience conducting administrative hearings; and knowledge of judicial practices and
procedures. The most highly recommended candidates were selected for interviews. Top candidates were then referred for a second review and interview by a panel of senior Department
of Justice officials. The Attorney General made the final selections.

The new immigration judges will preside in the immigration courts in Florence, Ariz.;
Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Miami and Orlando, Fla.; Lumpkin, Ga.;
Honolulu, Hawaii; Chicago, Ill.; Oakdale, La.; Charlotte, N.C.; Newark, N.J.; Batavia and New
York, N.Y.; Portland, Ore.; and Houston and Pearsall, Texas.

To view their biographies, please click here.

-- EOIR --

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