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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Deportation Hearing more like a War Crimes Trial

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I haven't been able to blog over the last week because I have been at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia, New York and have not had internet access.

I am representing a lawful permanent resident of the United States who has been charged with abandoning his green card, despite the fact that he has maintained a home in the United States since the 1970s, has paid his taxes, is married to a United States citizen, and he has adult United States citizen children that were raised in the United States by the couple. 

On paper that doesn't sound like too difficult of a case to fight.  Unfortunately, this is just one aspect of the case.  My client is George Boley Sr., a 60-year-old native and citizen of Liberia who was a prominent political figure in Liberia during the civil war in the early 1990s.  During this time Liberia was one of the bloodiest places on the entire planet, and was home to some of the most evil individuals to ever walk the Earth.

The Government has charged my client with being inadmissible as a result of his role in the Liberian peace process, and is attempting to pin the atrocities of the war on him.  In support of their charges they have called an individual who has admitted under oath to murdering countless children during the course of the war, and murdering four other individuals during a failed assassination attempt. 

His testimony was given remotely from Liberia via televideo conferencing.  Presumably the Government elected to call this witness from Liberia because his admissions, in addition to making him an unspeakable monster, render him inadmissible to the United States.  This testimony was stricken from the record by the Immigration Judge who is now allowing the government to bring the individual to the United States to enable him to testify again from scratch.  We have obviously objected.

My client has consistently denied that he has engaged in any act that would render him inadmissible to the United States. We are in the process of attempting to obtain his release from immigration custody while he fights to remain in the United States.

Here are some of the news articles from the trial this past week.

The case is scheduled to resume in February 2011.


Kolken & Kolken

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  1. Francis's Avatar
    The Grand Canyon State is trying to protect its citizens from a growing population of illegal aliens leeching of public welfare and criminals who have also crossed the border with streams of murderers, rapists and the gutter slop out to promote their nefarious activities on innocent people. Every state should have the right to enact its own immigration laws to protect its own public welfare pool from illegal aliens involvement, assuring financial stability and remove criminal activities, as ICE under the Obama czars are ignoring federal law and refuse to do so. The official figure of ICE illegibly state that numbers are way up on illegal immigrant deportation. However there is an ominous report, that non-criminal in the eyes of ICE agents are not being detained, but are released and fed back onto the streets. Under the Democratic leadership the--REAL--border fence has been gutted to one single fence, instead of TWO. Texas Senator Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John Cornyn authored a secret vote on undermining the 2006 Secure Fence Act. If the original double fence had been built, Arizona would be unlikely to enact the police law and would not have been sued by the Justice Department.

    A few American states have joined this retaliation against Governor Brewer, but readily recognized as "Sanctuary Cities" including San Francisco, a extreme Liberal stronghold. This is where patriotic Americans not programmed to Liberal insanity must draw a line in the sand, saying this is an atrocity against the US constitution that Obama's Czars have already violated the "Rule of Law" as only arresting criminal aliens and not detaining average illegal's with no criminal record back on the street. Enough of this Liberal insurgency and we should pass on the message that all incumbents are to be dismissed by the voter's empowerment in November.

    The Democratic Liberal virus has infected our lawmakers established with Senator Harry Reid, Senator Barbara Boxer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano and all those incumbents are up for a renewal to Washington. Not eliminating them from the already corrupt Senate and House in Washington will be the immediate enactment of open border laws in lame duck sessions.. The-Amnesty--Dream Act, bringing to the US a "Chain Migration" of immediate family members, parents, Sisters, Brother, uncles and aunts. Sick and infirm can take advantage of our ailing hospitals, education for their children--that will be a taxpayers demise. Amnesty for all those already here, which means massive processing of documentation that will also cost billions of dollars. Jerry Brown Vs. Meg Whitman is another political battle, as old Jerry Brown would promote another Amnesty, while Madam Whitman stated--NO AMNESTY. Then there's San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Democratic Liberal candidate for lieutenant governor of California, never tried to halt the 'Sanctuary City" policy of San Francisco and stopping the police from questioning the national status of people, living in San Francisco. Nobody who has established their image of a pro-illegal immigrant should hold office?

    There is not enough room in my comments to explain the how this issue of illegal immigration--effects us all. But as I have constantly repeated, do your own investigation of those politicians who have appalling immigration records at NumbersUSA, GOOGLE--Illegal alien costs or Voter Fraud. Illegal aliens will try to affect the course of the midterm elections by violating the voting laws--specifically absentee ballots, as they do not need to appear in person. As I have stated America cannot afford any Democrats or Republicans who think we can keep on giving amnesty, to just about anybody? This will eventually lead to overpopulation, water shortages, energy disruption and loss of environment open land Even now water is in short supply in California and other border states.

    We are bringing in endlessly a cornucopia of profit for businesses that employ illegal nationals, without any obligation to paying for their health care, children's schooling and welfare. My family doesn't want to contribute tax money to illegal alien medical treatment education for their kids or any of the unaccountable dollars amounts to foreign subjects, including a charge cash card every month. Learn about the corruption amongst our legislators at state and federal level at Judicial Watch. Would anybody guess that illegal parents are using their "instant citizenship" babies Social Security Number to get hired, and collect benefits in other county welfare offices.
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