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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

Wexler to resign

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Rep. Wexler (D-FL) is expected to resign his Congressional seat. He expected to leave Congress in order to work for a nonprofit whose aim is to promote peace in the Middle East.

Rep. Wexler is the primary sponsor of HR 2536, the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act. HR 2536 has failed to gain traction in Congress this term, garnering only 4 co-sponsors. Last term a similar bill had over 20 co-sponsors.

The news isn't as dire as it might seem. The most likely positive scenario is that the ENSRA is folded into Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Charles Schumer (D-NY) had planned to introduce CIR legislation in September. He has since changed tact and wants to first get GOP support for a possible bipartisan bill. He is working behind the scenes to do so.

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  1. Carl Joons's Avatar
    Mr. Schumer would introduce ENSRA by September (2010???)? Another year of wasted time for nurses waiting in the pipeline.
    Anyway, EB3 VB showed no movement for Philippines(Jun01'02), while my PD is Feb 2004. I really wonder, is there really still EB3 cases older than 2004? Is there a way that NVC can publish the actual stats of those approved cases(waiting for visa number) by year PDs? Example, 2002 is 100; 2003 is 100,000; 2004 is 300,000; etc.
    Honestly I have been following the VB for 5 long years since the retro in Jan01'05, where only 50K visas were specially alloted for sked A. After that, mid 2006 saw another retro which until now has never seen relief....that's 3 long years since shows that majority of our USA lawmakers do not see a bit of importance on the need for nurses, not at all! I'm sorry...

  2. Chris Musillo's Avatar

    I certainly understand your frustration. I, too, wish that the politicians would act, instead of talking about acting.

    One clarifying point:
    Sen. Schumer is expected to produce CIR in the next 60-90 days. I expect that CIR will include a provision for retrogression relief. Then, my hope is that CIR is passed in early 2010. More here: and here:
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