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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Obama's Immigration Speech at American University

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If this wasn't a complete waste of 34 minutes I don't know what was.  President Obama parroted the same tired talking points that he has been giving lip-service to since he was campaigning. He didn't set a time-table for comprehensive immigration reform, he blamed the Republicans, and he reasserted his desire to strengthen U.S. immigration enforcement efforts. 

This President has been a complete failure on the issue of immigration reform, and his continued inaction does not bode well for immigrants in this country.  I've posted the speech, but I don't recommend you waste your time watching it.

The following is the response of Frank Sherry, founder and Executive Director of America's Voice.  He sums up the speech perfectly.

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  1. Marc Seguinot's Avatar
    Matthew, I enjoy reading your comments. I especially enjoy this one because you echo my conclusions precisely. So, we still have 11 million illegals, eh? Well, what about all that enforcement and statistics showing we have deported about several hundred thousand illegals, so they say! If the figure is not going down, then obviously something is wrong. The sad thing is that we do not pay the government to think, let alone to count! It is even sadder that many Americans forget the lessons of history. I am old enough to remember the witchhunts of the McCarthy era, and know enough history to understand the tragedy of the Japanese American internment camps. When is someone going to figure out that we should be moving in the direction of welcoming these noncitizens who are willing to pay a high price for the privilege of being here. If we look at the problem logically, I believe starting with a temporary program having aliens pay a fine, etc., and giving them some time to prove their worthiness, and then allowing them to adjust status after several years, would be enough to get us on some ground. Secondly, there has to be a review of the provisions in the INA. Too much inconsistency, and too much harm, not just to noncitizens, but how about many citizens who are related to noncitizens. It is unfortunate, but we are beginning to see in many cases that what the government is permitting to be done to noncitizens could backfire and be done to citizens. I have already defended a citizen that was in removal proceedings. I hope sincerely that we can make some sense out of all this nonsense; maybe we should look to these younger people who don't seem to disagree with our hopes for many noncitizens residing here in the USA.
  2. Matthew Kolken's Avatar
    Thank you for your comment Marc!
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