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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

Legislative Update for MDs

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Last week the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution that if passed will extend the doctor's Conrad 30 program, which provides a common path for doctor immigration. The Conrad 30 program provides each U.S. state with 30 waivers for J-1 physicians each fiscal year.

The legislation also includes extensions of the EB-5. E-Verify, and Religious Worker programs. These extensions, which are embedded in the annual government funding legislation is now headed to the Senate where it is expected to be considered today. The legislation is expected to pass before October 1, 2009, or else the government's funding will dry up.

The legislation does not contain any "new" legislation, such as H.R.2536 - Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act. Nursing and allied healthcare occupational visa reform is more likely to happen in early 2010.

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  1. anonymous 09's Avatar
    Why is it that these programs get extensions so quick and the actions are taken regarding these programs by Congress are so quick, but nurses are not important? No action has been taken since 2006 and it's almost 2010. Nursing is a recession proof job and yet there is a shortage of nurses. I don't understand why these people do not understand the importance of nurses. Doctors and religous workers are important but nurses are not. And if that is the case than why is a bill pertaing to visa for foriegn nurses introduced almost every year since 2007 but than its dead. If these people think that nurses are not important than they should just not even introduce the bill and just say we will never give visa to foriegn nurses.
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