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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

President Obama's Empty Immigration Reform Promises

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Am I the only skeptical of President Obama's empty promise of immigration reform in an election year? The way I see it, the President squandered his early popularity and political capital, and is now giving lip service to an issue that he promised to address right out of the gates when asking for our votes.

It was one of the hallmarks of his campaign and was the carrot dangled to woo the coveted Hispanic vote as well as being an integral part of the "Change" we believed in. With the promise of immigration reform in year-one officially broken we are now supposed to believe that it will happen in 2010 with the mid-term elections looming above. As they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

The reason I am so skeptical about the President's sincerity of seriously addressing the issue of comprehensive immigration reform is that actions speak louder than words. So let us look at President Obama's actions.

It has been reported that President Obama's aunt is facing deportation and the President has turned his back on her. The facts are that the man's own flesh and blood is disabled, and learning to walk again as a result of an autoimmune disorder while facing the threat of removal from the United States, and yet as the leader of the "Free World" he has done absolutely NOTHING in the entire first year in office to address a concern that literally affects millions of individuals in this country, let alone his own family member.

It is simply unconscionable that a man who has the power of the Executive Branch at his disposal, which ironically includes the very agency that threatens to forcibly remove his elderly, and handicapped family member, is willing to let her fate run its ordinary course. His words not mine. If it were my aunt, she would deserve better.

Mr. President, your complete inaction on immigration reform speaks volumes of your character, and is simply shameful, especially considering how this issue personally affects you. If you were my relative I would return the favor and turn my back to you. As an ordinary citizen and immigration advocate I am forced to merely turn my back on your Presidency. Bring on 2012.

"Zeituni Onyango (zay-TUH'-nee awn-YAHN'-goh) told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that she is troubled that her immigration woes have made her a political liability to her nephew."

"Onyango said she previously had no trouble visiting Obama when he was state senator in Illinois or after he became U.S. senator, though she declined to discuss details of how often she had contact with Obama and his family."

"She is disabled and learning to walk again after being paralyzed for more than three months due to an autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome." ~Associated Press

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Updated 07-29-2015 at 08:14 AM by MKolken


  1. Frosty Wooldridge's Avatar
    Arrest, prosecute and deport all illegal aliens; they have broken our laws, broken our trust, broken our culture, created linguistic chaos, crimes, rapes, drug trafficking, breakdown of our schools and hospitals and overflow our prisons. They cost us $346 billion annually in extra costs across 15 federal agencies. We're sick of the lawlessness of illegal aliens. We cannot sustain nor do we need another 100 million people brought into this nation by immigration, both legal and illegal. Our country is full. Immigration lawyers are snakes and the lowest form of human life. FW
  2. Pat Donaldson's Avatar
    What part of "illegal immigrant" don't you understand? There are millions of LEGAL immigrant applicants who wait as required. They do not break the law. They should be allowed in. Illegals should go home.

    If Obama pushes "immigration reform" that includes an amnesty or other back door citizenship for illegals, without TOUGH laws against hiring illegals and TOUGH border restrictions, two things will happen:

    1. He won't be re-elected.
    2. In five years we will have 25 million illegals. Because the last time we did an amnesty the illegal population went from 5 million to 18 million.

    For all you who think that illegals are "victims" how I have three things to say:

    1. No one twisted their arms to come here.
    2. What happens to you when YOU break the law?
    3. What do you tell your kids when a lawbreaker gets REWARDED for that? Our society has enough problems convince=ing our young to obey the law.

    Finally, some observations:

    1. Illegals who get legal status no longer have to accept the low paying , non security jobs they are now doing, so they will compete with American citizens - and drive down wages in the better jobs. Do you all want to make $8 per hour instead of $20 or $25?
    2. If THAT happens the contractors and other employers who rely on cheap labor will want to find NEW illegals to pay low wages under the table - so we will have even more illeglas (see above).
    3. How does the idea of 144 million more Americans suddenly showing up sound to you? Because if 18 million illegals get legal status, according to the Feds they will each generate 7 immigrant petitions for their relatives. Do the math ...

    Reform? Surrender. Don't do it!
  3. Randy's Avatar
    Ahh! Once again an advocate of immigration reform refuses to understand that there are laws in the United States - even though the laws poorly enforced. And to further his or her position that the President and Commander in Chief should use "awe of rank" (corruption of the system) to better serve the advance of his relatives. From what I remember one of the reasons so many people leave there respective countries is to escape corruption in the government. Shame, shame.
  4. Rosie's Avatar
    What can you do when you came here legally 15 yrs ago, as my husband did, his corrupt attorney manipulated the paperwork to eventually get him into trouble and he overstayed his visa. The attorney lied!!! 15 yrs later, I'm married to this awesome man and am considering a lawsuit-- is there anyone interested in suing this attorney who obviously lied in the paperwork and corrupted his FOYA file. We are fighting a 10 year bar. Moving for me is not an option. My familiy is here in America. My husband is living in another country, we need help. He fell thru the cracks.
  5. ben 10 oyun's Avatar
    thanks for all admin
    owe you gratitude..
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