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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

October Visa Bulletin Released

Rating: 7 votes, 5.00 average.

by Chris Musillo

The October Visa Bulletin has been released. This is the first quarter of the 2010 US Fiscal Year. The news is not positive.

EB1: All Current
EB2: All Current, except China (22MAR05), India (22JAN05)
EB3: All 01JUN02, except China (22FEB02), India (15APR01), Mexico (01MAY02).

Based on these processing times, a typical EB3 Nurse takes over 7 years to arrive in the United States, and even longer if the nurse was born in China, India, or Mexico. The US nursing shortage certainly has abated in the last few months, but all credible economists opine that the nursing shortage will reemerge with a vengeance shortly after the economy turns and employment numbers stabilize.

MU calls on Congress to review the employment based visa immigration policy in this country and offer up an alternative to these ridiculous processing times. There is an excellent piece of legislation that, if passed, will create a special immigrant visa category for nurses. The legislation is H.R.2536 - Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act and is sponsored by Rep. Wexler (D-FL) and Rep. Sensenbrenner (R- WI). The ENSRA is a good place to start.

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  1. myn's Avatar
    very depressing!!!
  2. myn's Avatar
    if only my lawyer told me it was okey to file I-130 for my family at the same time with the Following-to-Join Benefits I-824, i should have done it right then and there!
  3. myn's Avatar
    Hi there Chris! Are you able to tell me as to the chance of getting visa for my immediate relative in PI in case ENSRA gets approved? He is my dependent as spouse, under EB-3. Will he benefit from ENSRA in case? He has been waiting for his interview at the Philippine Consulate since he got approved as Following-to-Join Beneficiary on July 2007.
    Hope to hear from you Chris. I am still filing for I-130 although I should have done so when I became LPR. My lawyer did not tell me it was possible. Now the wait's been too long.
    thanks Chris.
  4. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    Hi Myn-

    You should probably email me directly as this isn't a good forum to discuss a singular case.


    c.musillo (at) muimmigration (dot) com
  5. R. Lawson's Avatar
    In this economy, can you seriously suggest a shortage of nurses? Really? If you poll nurses, do they think there is a shortage?

    I'm not a nurse, but I suspect that the people claiming a shortage may be lobbyists or attorneys. Am I right?
  6. Jim's Avatar
    "If you poll nurses, do they think there is a shortage?"

    In fact yes!! Here is a poll conducted by the American Nurses Association just released a few months ago:



    Can you cite a CREDIBLE and scientific poll saying otherwise ?? Polls from nursing forums and blogs do not count where people can vote multiple times using multiple usernames.

    Note that the polls were conducted during the actual recession, if not, even on it's peek.

    Dear sir, you should realize that some areas in the US may not have a shortage like say SF-Bay Area or the State of MA but nationally there is, specially in the rural areas and even urban areas not deemed

    The Dept. of Labor and the HHS also recognizes it. It's on their website, you can just visit them.

    You can also just do a casual google on "nursing shortage" and recession. There were so many article citing multiple sources that the recent recession has only eased it temporarily and than once the economy turns around (multiple credible economists already said the US bottomed out in June and the recession has probably ended already after the 2nd qtr), it will be back and even fiercer that before the recession started.
  7. Working Nurse's Avatar
    Jim is correct, but what he did not add is that hospitals are not hiring the nurses.

    Rural areas are not recruiting American Nurses, They are not going to job fairs, posting ads in nursing magazines, or doing direct mailings to RNS. If they did I bet they would get many nursing applications from US nurses.

    It is now September and Congress is debating health care which will take months, This bill will never see any movement.
  8. Jim's Avatar
    Nope I did not forget anything. I was speaking already in generalities and I already included rural areas, urban areas not considered "posh", border towns in Mexico, nursing homes, hospices, etc... It is not only hospitals that hire nurses. If people thinks only hospitals hire nurses then they are mistaken.

  9. kits's Avatar
    Hi! I know a lot of people who are already here and overstay their visa but now RN's is there a way for them to be granted a working visa and stablished residency? is that something you can represent? I will certainly refer them to your practice.I just feel bad for these people who are wonderful and hardworking trapped in a situation, after being an RN still can't live up to their potentials.They do not know what is the next step.I appreciate your time reading this.Thank you so much God Bless You!!
  10. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    Each case would have to be looked at case by case. Feel free to pass along my contact information and I will try and help them.
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