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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

August VB released

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The Department of State has released the August Visa Bulletin. The Visa Bulletin is the listing of processing dates for immigrant visas (Green cards). As expected there are no changes in the August Bulletin, as all visas has been exhausted for the usual categories (EB3) for RNs, PTs, OTs and other allied positions.

The EB2 category remains "current" for natives of most countries. Cases filed under EB2 are eligible for immediate processing and should expect approval in the near future. The two major EB2 exceptions are China and India. Chinese and Indian cases are only being processed for those with priority dates before October 1, 2003.

The September Visa Bulletin will be released in mid-August. The September VB will likely have the same dates as the August Visa Bulletin, at least with respect to the categories discussed in this post.

The next major Visa Bulletin will be the October VB, which should be published in mid-September. The US fiscal year runs from October 1 - September 30, and so the 2010 US fiscal year begins October 1, 2009. Preliminary expectations are that the DOS will start the dates off slowly, and then progress them in a systematic process throughout the year. My sense is that the EB3 dates will be in the 2003-05 time frame. Depending on demand in October and November, I could see those dates aggressively moving ahead.

Predicting the progression of Visa Bulletin dates is a somewhat impossible exercise. No one knows just how many 2003-05 visas remain unused, and no one knows how many of those people no longer want their visas.

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  1. kavitha's Avatar
    Hi Chris,

    Many countries like Canada and EEC are taking precautionary measures like getting more healthcare professionals including RNs at the earliest possible due to fear of an epidemic of H1N1.

    Do you think the american congress will look into the nurse bill to face any emergency situation or are they confident and self equiped with professionals to meet any eventuality?

    They have two bills in the house, one for 50,000 H1B visas per year and other for 20,000 Green Cards. Both introduced by different parties. So, politically they support the bill. Who is stopping the Bill? The Nursing Unions or the President himself?
  2. psc's Avatar

    "Obama himself was driving the action, scheduling a Rose Garden statement to reiterate that a bill will get done and focus on the role of nurses in any overhaul'

    how do u u analyze this?
  3. Analytic's Avatar
    Hi Chris,
    The Health Care Reform bill won't be comprehensive unless Nurses, their workload and the overall nurse shortages are addressed.
    What is your opinion when President Obama mentioned to focus on the role of nurses in the overhaul?

    Thanks again for all your updates.
  4. DogSoldier's Avatar
    "Predicting the progression of Visa Bulletin dates is a somewhat impossible exercise." This is because for something to be predictable it must be based in logic. The Department of State being logical is an oxymoron. What is really scary is that we have all built our business models depending upon such illogical people.

    Thomas Jefferson said it, "A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have". Making a living is one of these things.
  5. denonarendra07's Avatar
    Hi Chris
    NRI's includes them
    VB will likely have the same dates
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