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Letters of the Week: Aug 12 - Aug 16

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Please email your letters to or post them directly as a comment below.

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  1. yvonne1's Avatar
    Dear ILW editors,

    I finally got around to reading your July 16th newsletter, and discovered that the information in "House Help" isn't complete: the graph mapping out which representatives are leaning Yes, No, or Undecided on comprehensive immigration reform is not included. This is such an important piece! Can you please re-run this article, and include the graph?

    Article: "House Help" --

    Graph from Huffington Post --

    Thanks so much,

  2. TomAdair's Avatar
    This is the kind of Article we need to see. I know there are problems that we can point out but the overall EB-5 program and the need for the wealthy Chinese to seek another life for their families will continue and I believe grow!

    -Tom Adair
  3. Jack Sachs's Avatar
    I have a very simple comment: It is more than past time for Mr. Obama to act like a president, and not the head of a feel-good organization. It is not possible to know how he is thinking, but he acts as if he is afraid of his own shadow vis-?-vis congress. Whatever impelled him on the successful hunt for Bin Laden should be used in the hunt for CIR in the U.S.
  4. Madmaxx1013's Avatar
    An unholy alliance has been in place since 2008. When I hear what comes out of the holes of what is most commonly referred to as mouths, of some of these incomprehensible arrogant and abusive individuals who believe Allah has given them, and made it their duty to abuse and pass sentence upon those who do not conform to their way of life. Thomas Jefferson had the only and best possible solution to winning this "WAR"!!! and it is on many fronts,, and sad to say we seem to be consumed with greed,corruption, access Hollywood and a never ending menue of social reconstruction,,,,, . or was that redistribution of wealth.?
    Beware the gathering storms
  5. House of Mercy's Avatar
    Very, very good the executive order should be to move the registry date from 1971 to 2001
  6. eusebiaaq's Avatar
    As a Latina American Nurse ( second class U.S. Citizen of Puerto Rican Parents) I have been stopped ,frisked and questioned for "papers" and beaten down like an animal(nurse me) By DHS,ICE ,NSA Agents after work. I am most time afraid to go outside my home for "fear" of being "beaten down" by DHS,ICE,NSA agents .This is not Nazi Germany 1940's but America. What happen?
    When we are "beaten to DEATH" by DHS and ICE there is NOWHERE to go for JUSTICE!
    President must free all 11 Million
    Latino Dreamers living under "fear and hate targets"because it will free all Latinos in America from the "racial profile" of "Criminal immigrant" by DHS and local police across America. Obama Executive Order for "citizenship" and "freedom"from hate is the only way. HOW MUCH "HATE" CAN THIS NATION PUT ON MY Latino Community?

    Trying to Stay Alive in America;
  7. Concepcion De La Cruz's Avatar
    This sounds like the best deal yet. I have been concerned about having immigration reform falling by the wayside again. I hope that President Obama takes action by using his authority and not let immigration reform fail this time. Hooray for the Democrats. We now know who to vote for.
  8. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    You asked for opinions on President Obama using an executive order to grant legalization. You may like what he has done with executive orders, but before you wish for more, think about the precedent that is being set. The next president could be a republican who has views you don't like.
  9. P.S. Venkat's Avatar
    The following points may be noted which will be more helpful to USA in the longrun.

    1) Pl initate action to bring Executive order for granting EAD to H4 Visa holders
    (Mainly spouse) alike L2, to those who complete minimum 1 year stay in entering into USA.
    Spouse are engine who hold the bogies (H 1 B), who takes (90% decision ) in general
    irrespective of country/culture/religion/language etc etc.

    2) Ensure that legal immigrants get first priority in getting Greed card within 3 to 5 years
    for EB 2 and EB 3 respectively or otherwise frustration will lead to home back mood or
    other countires will hunt with easy sops since all will have min 5 years US exp by that time.

    3) Immigrants parents (B 1 or B2) should also be allowed to say as long as one can afford or who
    earn 100 K per annum and above, since it is a matter of revenue to USA and as well as
    the family bond unites will to retain the brain in the USA, on long run.
  10. Ashvin Patel's Avatar
    we are waiting for long year we are not sleave pay the tax and we can not drive we can not go out of country and we can not come beck without visa
  11. Cheryl Rodriguez's Avatar
    I'm a American who is married to a wonderful man from Mexico, We've been married for 10yrs. It's has been so hard for us to live, If you don't have a S.S. # you can't work.. Well, I disagree with that.. For many of years all people from all countries have been coming here, working here, living here, house keepers, construction, ect.,. Working and living freely No question asked, They say, "they are on welfare not true", How you get welfare if your not legal.. They pay cash.. They don't bother no one. They are hungery,they want education for their children, which they don't have cause of their government. I always thought this is the land of the free.... I always thought that our country was a christian country. To help our fellow man and woman and children no matter how they come.. They are not taking any thing away from americans. They work and work hard. Every thing is about money, You have to get these papers that cost thousands of dollars, hire a lawyer and that's thousands of dollars. What are you to do stop eating, paying rent to do these things. There is room here for everyone. Yes, I understand that alot of things has happened to americans because of terrorist, but, that not everyone. Dealing with immigration is a joke, for 10 years I've been calling and a recording, now since all this is on the board they are answering the phones but, it's not for what you need. We have filed I-130 and got an approval that's money, we went to the civil doctor and that was over six hundred dollars, now the I-485 that's a joke too that's thousands of dollars, now on one side of the paper states, "married to an american citizen file this paper" then on the other side it states,"came without inspection can't file",. So which is it. It's just about money, Yes, there are alot of people here illegally, I listen to the news and they say,"the rich, the middle class," Where does the poor fit in? There are alot of people who are married who are trying to do it right but, you can't cause it's always something, Or why if you come here has a visitor and don't return, there's no problem get a lawyer and you can get an green cards, that S.S.# shouldn't be good no more but, they use it to work and nothing is done. But, I think all this is wastng money, for the republicans, democrates, to be setting around a table making thousands of dollars to laugh and talk is crazy, why they don't make nine dollars an hour, How hard is it to say yes.. without all the prices. There are people who have been here for more than 20yrs. with parents who are dead, or no homes to go to. What kind of people are we to send them to the streets. To places they don't want to be. As long as you have money your okay.. that's wrong, I think our president is doing a good job. He's trying to do his best and the republicans should stand with him and not against him to get the job done. In God I trust in the name of Jesus that things shall be done right and correctly, and everything shouldn't be about money. Nor, about buying things from other countries, We have everything we need here in our own country... Thanks for your time....
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