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Letters of the Week: Sep 9 - Sep 13

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  1. Ken Rinzler's Avatar
    The Associated Press is reporting that AILA has retained Presidents Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad to negotiate a transparency agreement with the membership, just as soon as they are done with that pesky Syrian problem.
    Expect the preliminary first draft of the protocols concerning where to purchase the #2 pencils for use by the Transparency Taskforce any day now. The matter of the ban from the Delegates? Lounge is not expected to be resolved during this session of the General Assembly, primarily due to the fact that it?s apparently bass season.
  2. Ken Rinzler's Avatar
    Andrew K Nietor - Another AILA Hypocrite...


    Yes, I did ask Susanna to post that message for me (although I had wanted it to go in the ?Report Recommends Unprecedented Transparency thread). The intent of my message was exactly as Kathleen subsequently noted, to wit, to get an update on what the taskforce was doing, as there had been no updates for weeks and the membership was led to believe that this was now a priority. The reference to the Delegates? Lounge was also fairly obvious ? no movement was expected by AILA leadership on this matter and I thought I?d reiterate the point in a humorous fashion.

    That being said, no names were mentioned. That fell to you, Andrew, another of AILA?s apologists and an MC Moderator in two threads. You couldn?t just settle with going after me, you have to impugn Susanna?s motives. I have no problem with making it personal, Andrew, but you are simply one more AILA Supporter/Moderator who shows their bias and hypocrisy and why so many of the membership have no faith in AILA adopting true transparency.
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