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Letters of the Week: Sep 16 - Sep 20

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    America have so many Sell outs, these are people who are so eager to give America to Mexico, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if you allow another millions of another country's poor to become over populated in a country, that they will automatically become the majority! this means that they will be in the front line to everything, especially jobs, they will be the majority in our jobs, in the front of the line our governors hand outs, our low income housings, sec. 8 programs. this happening now. It is so easy to say lets give 11 million or more illegal aliens amnesty or legalization, and not think about the reality of the whole out come of it effects on America and it legal citizens!!!

    Many of our own American politicians has become terribly weak when it comes to illegal immigration in America, illegal aliens populations doesn't matter to them, they do not see the corruption that this will bring, or how this will actually hurt Americans, or how this will get in the way of millions of Americans trying to progress in there own country, or how much this would push Americans to be always in competition with illegal aliens or use to be illegal alien, for almost anything, especially jobs. And speaking of jobs, all those illegal aliens who will have gotten an amnesty or legalization and work permits, will always be the majority in our jobs, this will allow millions of Americans to continue to be jobless in America so many Americans will still be left out. being so they will become the majority, this means that it will be them the majority of times will get promotion into management, they will be your lead or supervisor most of the time, you see our American system will be set up for them, most bilingual speaking aliens will get hired the majority of time, because they will need them to cater to their own illegal aliens who got some king of legal status. because millions of the can not and refuse to speak English, we are to change our English language country for them.

    Illegal aliens will only corrupt the poor and middle class Americans mainly, they will be thrown into the same bucket with the poor and middle class citizens, with them at the top of the bucket. This comprehensive immigration reform that Democrats want to pass is nothing but a poison pill to all of America, it is just to much illegal aliens in America, and they are multiplying, they are over bleeding in America, they have so much gateway into America, ways to help them selves cling to America, our wide open birthrights to their children, that makes their children automatic American citizens, their children in our schools, so many of our schools had allow them to become the majority in our schools, the excuses that they bring their children to America, is no fault of the children, so lets reward their children a specially legalization through a dream act. and millions of illegal aliens holding onto jobs illegally in America, and this big excuse about them not being separated from their families, all this is thrown into this big fight for amnesty or legalization for millions of illegal aliens in America. All this is really about illegal aliens wanting to get America back, because in reality they really believe that America belongs to them, so they are marching and protesting to get their America back. Many of our weak politicians want to give America to them over Americans head, they do this like Americans no longer exist. If they get their way, it will only harm the poor and middle class Americans.

    It shows that America must have weak politicians, because there is no way any country politician would allow millions of illegal aliens to have jobs with false representation, and actually bring home pay checks, while they have millions of jobless Americans who cannot bring home paychecks in their own country, this is sick, a shame, not fair, or is it right! These same politician refuse to remove millions of illegal aliens from our jobs, and replace their jobs with millions of jobless Americans now!!! doing this would be right, strong workplace enforcements, immigration enforcements would show that America really have laws, and that they really have their own American welfare in mind.. There tend to be too much compassion for illegal aliens in America, and no compassion for Americans at all. America do not need our immigration laws modified millions of illegal aliens who had invaded America, sure they have their America dreams, what about Americans, American dreams?????
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