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Letters of the Week: Sep 23 - Sep 27

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    The problem was insistence on moving forward with S744 instead of focussing on finding a compromise the house republicans might find acceptable. We have no viable alternative to such a compromise while the republicans have the majority in the house.
  2. Joe Guzzardi's Avatar
    Instead of blaming Republicans, a knee-jerk reaction in every story about CIR's death, you should instead blame Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy and the Gang of 8, specifically Chuck Schumer. Before S. 744, the GOP had indicated a willingness to go along with broad reform.

    The party was eager to try to make inroads with Hispanics to get their votes even though no votes would be forthcoming. Hispanics are core, big government Democrats. Consider than no one in Congress was a bigger advocate for Hispanics during his 30-year House and Senate career than John McCain. Come 2008, Obama trounced him in the Hispanic voting bloc. McCain had been carrying water for Hispanics since Obama was a Columbia University undergraduate!

    If you want to lay more blame for CIR's failure, you can include all those eager Democrats who voted for him instead of McCain. If McCain had been elected, he would have easily gotten Republicans behind him on CIR, which he definitely would have pushed for, and the Democrats would have fallen right in line.

    But the bill that came out of the Judiciary had killed every enforcement amendment. The final bill that the Senate voted on didn't throw so much as a bone to enforcment-minded Republicans. Promising enforcement five years from now doesn't cut it. No one trusts the federal government on anything much less a willingness to enforce immigration law.

    Schumer is considered a brilliant legislator. To me, it looks like he doesn't know the first thing about congressional politics: You have to give a little if you expect to get a lot.

    By overreaching, the Gang effectively killed CIR---and P.S. the lousy, jobless economy doesn't help either.


    Joe Guzzardi
  3. Linda Grays's Avatar
    There should be no way John Boehner should pass an amnesty or legalization bill period, This whole immigration bill is a terrible poison to America and it citizens!

    America needs no kind of amnesty or legalization for millions of illegal aliens who had invaded this country, there is no way they should be rewarded by America, especially at this time that millions of jobless Americans are at bad times. America businesses, or employers need no illegal aliens in their businesses, they need to strongly focus on hiring millions of their own jobless Americans, they strongly should be force to hire their own millions of jobless Americans now!!!!

    American businesses or employers should be force to remove millions of illegal alien from their jobs now, and replace illegal jobs with millions of their own jobless Americans now!!! This shouldn't be such a hard task.

    Why do our own American business or employers, illegal aliens advocates insist on hurting their own jobless Americans with illegal aliens by continue to allow millions of illegal aliens to work in our Americans jobs illegally? especially since everything is so false about them, and no one knows who they really are Why they feel that they more foreign workers when there are millions of jobless Americans?? What could they be thinking?? Why do our own American businesses tend to continue to sell out their own Americans?

    This massive illegal immigration in America is a total insanity! it is a big corruption to America and it citizens, and it is to bad that America had lost control of millions of illegal aliens in America, and decided to just throw millions of illegal aliens on poor and middle class Americans and make it harder for Americans them selves to progress in their own America! what happen to having American legal status, do this count for anything any more???

    What is happening now is that our own politicians and illegal aliens advocates would rather sell out their own Americans for illegal aliens, for what they want of America, and they would do just anything to give illegal aliens anything that they want in America, regardless that there are millions of jobless Americans, there should be no kind of comprehensive immigration reform with an amnesty or legalization attached for millions of illegal aliens, there should be some helping in getting millions of jobless Americans jobs now!!! And again some strong immigration enforcements, there should be no more dream acts either,rather illegal aliens comes here as children or not!!
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