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Letters of the Week: Sep 30 - Oct 4

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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Americans are shouting and screaming out loud, but there seems to be no one listing at all, especially our own American politicians, businesses, or employers! Makes one wonder, if American citizens exist at all in there own country!

    It hurts so strongly being an American parent,grandparent, to have to watch my own children, grandchildren, to be without employment for years, at the same time I and they are so terribly force to watch millions of illegal aliens in our Americans jobs, strongly allowed to work illegally with all their false social security numbers, false names, false ages, who had no real background checks! while at the same time, they who are American citizens are force to go through the who nine yards, just to get a job in their own country, Americans strongly are required a background check! my American children, grandchildren who have legal status to America, are turn down to many jobs, their applications, resumes do not even count, their application, or resumes tend to always get over looked, at the same time when they go to many of these businesses, or jobs, they could see that the majority of their employees, are Hispanics, legal and illegal! If they do get some job offer, it always seems to be part time, never a permanent positions, but millions of illegal aliens have permanent job positions! Many of them did even really qualify, Hello! they lied to get jobs in America! Oh yes, if there are some small misdemeanor on Americans background check, these are Americans will get turn away from jobs!

    My American children and grandchildren and millions of Americans like them want jobs now, they also want to take care of their families, they to want to be able to bring home pay checks in their own country America! Is this a crime??? They deserve jobs in their own country America now! The more Americans are out of jobs, the longer it will be for them to even build on their retirement, social security, just maybe they will be left with none at all! I pray for my Americans and American children, grandchildren every day to be able to find permanent jobs in their own country!

    It just doesn't make any since to me, why our own politicians, congress, governments, mayors, allow millions of illegal aliens to work in American jobs with all of their fraudulent documentations, Knowing that if any American would present any kind of fraudulent information, if found out, they would be fired or lay off immediately. If millions of illegal aliens get amnesty or legalization how can Americans welcome or respect them, when they know that they have been working in America illegally, and had gotten rewarded, and strongly help to get work permits to allow them to work or to get just about anything that they want from America, while at the same time millions of Americans were suffering, and while millions of jobless Americans were suffering while they actually had jobs illegally in America!!!!

    If any kind of amnesty or legalization bill pass for millions of illegal aliens in America, America indeed will become a lost country, the reason is because our American politicians wants to take care of a millions of another country's and just allow their over population to take over America, again, when another country over populate your country, they automatically will become the majority! this means the majority of times they will have jobs, more times then Americans who are legal citizens to this country! just look at them now, their are millions of Hispanics, hardly no other race especially hardly no Black Americans at all, in so many of our American jobs now, they are legal and illegal, Americans are to endure in this nasty change of our beautiful America! If millions of illegal aliens get amnesty, Americans will indeed be force to kiss a lot of butts! especially when it comes to illegal aliens who got rewarded in America,

    If this poison bill get passed, there is going to be so much discrimination going on in our jobs, regardless what our own politicians may say, discrimination strongly with illegal alien mostly always winning, because they know how to cry to get their way! I write this because I was force to work in employment that knowingly hire illegal aliens galore, and went totally hush! hush! about it, at the same time I watch many Americans get turn down, because their no longer were job openings, so much unfairness that was going on, now the majority of people who are in this particular employment are mostly Hispanics! You better believe that the illegal aliens that had gotten hired, end up getting many of their family members hired also, some of them got hire under age, all the years they were allow to be employed, the underage illegal aliens were able to reach their rightful working ages, all of their false documents allow them to lie about them selves, even who they really are. Our politicians governors, mayors, are allowing all this, they feel that all illegal aliens wrongdoings in America is alright! They refuse to remove them from our jobs, or from America period, at the same time, they would rather leave poor and middleclass Americans jobless. There were no kind of thought of strong enforcements at all when it comes to illegal immigration, All of our American laws had become a big sellout to their own Americans! Those who are going to suffer the most from this big poison amnesty or legalization bill if passed, are poor and middle class Americans........
  2. Linda Grays's Avatar
    I am sorry if I sound mean or racist, racist I am not, I just can not stand this unfairness, when it comes to us, who are truly Americans, when in America it comes to massive illegal immigration in America, massive illegal aliens who had invaded America in reality!! I am hurt because I am so force to watch many of my relatives who are American citizens who have legal status to this country, left so jobless! All of their job applications, resumes, constantly being over looked, it is like they do not exist at all, I and they are so tire to see that every time in so many of our American businesses and employers, there are mostly hired Hispanics, legal and illegal, I am hurt to see that my own Americans relatives and Americans period are so jobless, while at the same time there are millions of illegal aliens allow to have jobs illegally in America, allow to bring home pay checks to their families! When Americans who have legal status to America, are strongly force out of jobs in their own country, or just left jobless period, for no real reason! Americans who are to wait for jobs while illegal aliens are working in their country America! Americans feel that illegal aliens are more trustworthy to work in our jobs then they are, especially when they get no real background checks, and are allow to work with false social security numbers, names and ages! while at the same time we as American are strongly require to have background checks! Americans are force to go through the whole nine yards just to get a job in their own country!!!

    It bother me to listen to our own politics, saying that illegal are doing jobs that no American want to do, I know that is not true, because my dad and I retire from one of those very same jobs, I my self so force to see this illegal insanity coming when I was working, I was and many Americans like me in my place of work, were force to work with illegal aliens galore, force to watch our employers actually reserved their job position for them, when they hired them from a contractor, who had always hire illegal aliens, once they hire all these illegal aliens permanent they suddenly went hush! hush! about it, and manipulate all of management to not to talk about the many illegal aliens that were hired! Many employees were afraid to say anything about all the illegal aliens that we were strongly force to work with!

    I was force to observe all their schemes and scams, at the same time many Americans couldn't get jobs, because many illegal aliens had taken those job slots, at the same time I observe a chain reaction, where they found ways to get many of their own family members hired, until the majority of employees end up being Hispanic, legal and illegal, some of them where under age children who were allow to just lie about their ages, there ages were between 13, 14, 15, 16. because of all their false documents they were allow to use! These under age children were allow to reach their rightful ages, because they were allow to work for years. All of this was so ignored! These illegal aliens had gotten a lot of help from our employer, the unions, and this big Hispanic organization that roams the around the employment.

    Because their are no jobs for many of our Americans families, our children and grand children are being force to come back home. Our own politicians President, congress, governors, mayors refuse to stop illegal aliens insanity in America, instead they tend to cater to it, they much rather add gasoline to the fire, and call them selves resolving the problem, It doesn't make any since for me, my children and grandchildren, to be force to watch millions of illegal in our jobs, watch them being allow to bring home pay checks when they them selves can not, in their own country America! All of what I and my children and grandchildren are force to watch now, is what is going on with illegal aliens in this country, it shows that if this comprehensive immigration reform poison pill get passed, there will be more added on our massive illegal immigration in America, regardless of what our own politicians may say, they do not have this immigration problem well thought out, let's face it, all of what our politicians want for million of illegal aliens in America will be a terrible disaster, just like the one in 1986! It will allow illegal aliens to just take over America..

    IF illegal aliens get this amnesty or legalization, there will be no fairness once our lawmakers implement all the paper work, there are going to be so much underhanded doings, so much unfairness going on, so many illegal aliens will be allow to lie about how long they been in America about their residence, they will have so many people to help them with their lies, and so many of their wrongdoing will get over looked, so much of this unfairness will go over Americans heads, and their will be nothing any American can do to stop this insanity! If we were to try, our own laws, politicians will slap us with so much excuses, strategies, to make all of this look right!!

    Another thing that is force on Americans is this unnecessary dream act, for illegal aliens children who are supposedly come to America at no fault of their own, if this bill were to get passed, it will be a start of the comprehensive immigration reform bill to get passed, because there are no way the democrats are going to leave their parents behind, this is a sneaking bill to help push gang of 8 amnesty or legalization bill!

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you give our country to an over population of another country's poor, that this very same country's poor will automatically become the majority, this also mean that the majority of this other country's poor will be the majority in our jobs, while at the same time millions of Americans will continue to be jobless!!! In our own country you have to be bilingual just to get many jobs in our own country, this also leaves so many Americans so jobless, right now many of our jobs hire so many Hispanic so they can cater to their own Hispanics mainly. so again millions of American are left jobless! just look at who are working in millions of jobs now! And ask your self why??? Americans are not allow to get into these very same jobs!

    You need to know that if this immigration bill pass, massive illegal aliens will have defeated America, they will have feel that this country that they feel that belongs to them, they will feel that they had won their country America back! America is in trouble with illegal aliens now, and will continue to be in trouble with illegal alien if this poison immigration bill get passed! It would be very good if republican house did not pass an immigration bill at all. It must be stop now, before it is to late. All of congress and our own president needs to focus strongly on enforcement now, getting millions of illegal out of jobs now, and replace their jobs with millions of their own poor and middleclass Americans, They also need to focus on stopping millions of illegal from taking strong advantage of our American birthright laws to illegal aliens children, they also needs to focus on this over population that will be a nasty disaster to America! And what it will really do!!!
    They must stop denying that because of illegal aliens over population, that America will become Mexico to benefit massive illegal aliens, who are in reality lawbreakers in America!! it is already have way there, just look around!
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Who said that the Know-Nothings were only around in the 19th century? This letter shows that they are alive and well today. The only difference is the targets of hatred - Irish immigrants then (soon to be followed by Chinese), and Latinos, black and a variety of Asian immigrants today.

    Roger Algase,
    Attorney at Law
  4. GladysFarris's Avatar
    In this number of undocumented you got to understand that it compromise a round figure of those that are unable to be legalized unless the Reform goes through and those awaiting the priority time to be legalized.
    The Reform should be a r]priority no matter who believe what should be done and the citizenship should be considered afterwards. Make it a two way Reform per se is what I say.
  5. gamgam cova's Avatar
    Being the daughter of a fortunate pilgrim
    I have to say just one thing.....if your not native American YOU have no reason to complain! Now you can imagine how they felt
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