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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Siskind's Immigration Bulletin Preview

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You can find the latest issue of my newsletter here

Here's what we cover this month:

1. Openers

2. ABCs of Immigration Law: Immigration and the Government Shutdown

3. Ask

4. Border and Enforcement News:
GOP Leader Demands DHS Probe of Soaring Asylum Claims from Mexico
More Noncitizens Avoiding Deportation

5. News from the Courts:
Macy’s to Pay $175,000 to Settle Immigrant Case
Immigration: Governor Brown Considers Allowing 3.4M Non-citizens to Serve on Juries
Man Found Guilty in Immigration Bribery Plot
ICE Security Officer Charged with Sexual Abuse
Unauthorized Immigration Consultant Shut Down, Ordered to Pay Restitution
DOL Says Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over H-2B Visa Rules

6. News Bytes:
Report: Immigration Bill Would Add Nearly 14,000 Jobs per District
Indians Third Largest Immigrant Group in US: Study
Immigration Reform Advocates Arrested in Lower Manhattan During Protest
One in Five Married Households Has Foreign-Born Spouse

7. Washington Watch:
Feds Reject Sheriff's Bid for Immigration Program
Barbour, Rendell: Congress Won’t Pass Immigration Legislation Until 2014
New Obama Immigration Policy Goes Easier on Parents
N.C. House Overrides McCrory’s Vetoes on Two Bills
DHS OIG Final Report: Implementation of L-1 Visa Regulations
USCIS Reports Telephone Scams
New Directive Issues on Solitary Confinement in Immigration Detention
Immigration Roundup: E-Verify Changes on the Horizon
Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Approved by California Legislature
U.S. Begins New Crackdown on Hiring Illegal Workers
Bill Would Let Undocumented Immigrants Be Lawyers
DHS and DOS Outline New Policy on False Claims of Citizenship

8. Updates from the Blogs

9. State Department Visa Bulletin: October 2013

10. ICE Memo on Facilitating Parental Interests in the Course of Civil Immigration Enforcement Activities

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