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Letters of the Week: Oct 7 - Oct 11

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
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  1. Linda Grays's Avatar
    It's a total shame how *** backwards our American politicians are, illegal aliens do not have any kind amnesty or legal status here in America, yet they could have driver licenses! the excuse and strategy is this would make safer drivers out of them, this helps them from getting their cars impound, this helps them to get back and forth from work, this way they can pick up their children from school, That part about them getting back and forth to work, Hello! they are not suppose have jobs in America illegally period! as far as their cars getting impound, you must know that millions of Americans get their cars impound at a drop of dime every day, to some small miner discrepancy, with or with out license, through this nasty terrible car impounding scams in America, it is a big rip off, millions of American has lost their cars, to this biggest scam in America, why? because they are mostly poor and middle class Americans who have no money to get their cars out! because once their cars are impound they are charge a fee of about $75.00-$100 a day, that is depending on the impound, some charge more, they charge so much money until many Americans can not get their cars out, their cars end up getting sold in an auction!!! Mind you, these are American cars that had already been paid for a lot of times!

    So now it is lets" give illegal alien driver license to save their cars" save them traffic fines! the hell with Americans!!!! The reason why our governor passed this bill, is because this is suppose to draw the attention to our Republicans, put pressure on them to pass this supposedly over due poison comprehensive immigration bill. how underhanded can our own politician be! they had been doing this all alone with illegal aliens, by allowing them to cross the borders to get here, allow them go get jobs, and now keep their jobs illegally, allow them to have babies born here through our American birthright law, just getting automatic American citizenship when ever they want too, allow the majority of their children to take over our schools! allow the to have so many low income housing, and sec. 8 programs, allow them to jump in the front of the line to just about anything! It is to the point, until it is lets just stop all deportation, allow them to stay, regardless of all their corruption. this way American lawmakers will have to come to some kind of agreement to give them amnesty or legalization!

    Our own politicians tend to say that we in America have an broken immigration system, when in reality they are the one who had broken our American immigration system, by allowing massive illegal immigration to get out of control, now they want to just give all of America to illegal aliens, at the same time they want to allow them to just over populate them selves here, regardless of all their wrongdoings, or their illegal status! As I had said before if you look around and really look and see who have most of our jobs in America now, especially in south of California, there are hardly no other race of people, just mostly Hispanic, legal or illegal in our banks, hospital receptionist, hospital housekeepers, custodians in our colleges and schools and every where else, our garbage or waste co, our gas and electric co. our telephone companies, our property management co. Dr. offices, law offices, our construction companies, also in many more business or employment, this in reality is discrimination, and has been terribly ignore as such! all of above, there are hardly no blacks at all in these jobs, you must know that the majority of Americans who are terribly jobless are black Americans! I guess no one really care about that.

    Jobless Americans are suffering terribly, because they had been exchange for illegal aliens in our American jobs, at the same time they are being terrible ignored, as I said before, no one are listening to their screams and cries, they know that if millions of illegal aliens get amnesty or legalization millions of them will continue to be replace by illegal aliens who had suddenly gotten amnesty or some kind of legalization and work permits! And it will not matter how our politicians claims that these massive illegal aliens will help America, it will not work in their favor, it is going to go all wrong!! because there are just to many illegal aliens, it will be forcing Americans to live in Mexico, because they are so over populated, again there are going to be so many lies, wrongdoings from millions of illegal aliens, who wants this amnesty or legalization in America, lying is not new to them, they had been trained to lie, and they have been living in America for years just surviving off their lies! There is nothing wrong with immigrants coming to America, America has always been lenient to immigrants, as a matter of fact, millions of illegal aliens are already being sworn in every year to become legal American citizens! Those who will get amnesty or legalization will be jumping in the front of the lines to those who come to America the right way!!!!
  2. shaikh ahmed's Avatar
    I would like to ask all of the United State Citizens, what was said by President Ronald Ragan,
    when he had made a speech in the congress or Senator in 1986.
    When he presented the case of all illegal Immigrants staying in United States.
    for last 10/15 years.
    I will highly appreciate all your response via ILW.Com
  3. Uma Kapil's Avatar
    I was elated to go through your in-depth comments on " Comprehensive Reform Program which is in melting pot and is being considered by the Congress.

    However, in this connection, I enclose my one Letter dt January 15,2011 addressed to Immigration Department which speaks for itself.

    On study, you will gather that I have had a harrowing experience from the dept in that no Service was rendered to me and my Case which without any default or violation was declined and closed some 4//5 times. My both Basic and Finger Print Fees were submitted well in time and I was also here available for Interview within 6 months which is a stipulated time period of Immigration Dept.

    On refusal from the Local Dept, the Enforcement Directorate also declined and stated in a funny manner that this Case is as good as closed and even President and no American Official can do this. I was at my wit's end as to why involve the President like this underestimating his enormous Power. Anyway, this was eventually done by one San Jose Official of Immigration Dept and I secured USA Citizen overruling the 5/6 refusal in black and white. Therefoe, Our hats off to San Jose Man.
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    Thus, my basic purpose of writing and bring this to your kind knowledge is this that albeit we keep on making very good and attractive changes in the Immigration off and on but we fail to read the rules which are already in existence as in my Case. The deliberate non-compliance and suppression yields to funny status as in my enclosed Case where President status has been sidetracked and he is looking like non-entity. Thus , to abide by is more important than mere incorporation of the new rules.

    Therefore, it will be in the fitness of things if you also lay emphasis on compliance of the rules without prejudice rather than making great rules without complying as you see in my Case. The non partisan will certainly solve many problem and will nip the evil in the bud.

    Hope, it receives your kind attention.

    Thanks and regards,
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