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Letters of the Week: Oct 21 - Oct 25

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Dear Colleague:
    I am pleased to report that my witness subpoenas have now been served on both Crystal Williams (this past Friday) and Andrea Chempinski (today).
    Being allowed to examine them under oath, and in a forum they do not control, will be refreshing.
  2. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Dear Colleague:
    Sound familiar? AILA ExCom, are you listening???

    October 21, 2013 ? 4:31 pm
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We can use whatever definition of ?transparent? we want? Please, nooooo?.
    ? By Domani Spero
    The State Department?s Daily Press Briefing remains the best reality show online, hands down. Today, we bring you, Marie Harf, State?s Deputy Spokesperson and Matt Lee, the Associated Press correspondent at the State Department for over six years. The two sparred over the word ?transparent.? Ms. Harf says that ?we? can use ?whatever definition of transparent we want.? Mr. Lee disagreed pointing out that he thinks that word only has one definition. Reminds us of the utter confusion and rhetorical gymnastics employed on whether or not there was a coup d??tat in Egypt last July. Sounds bad to our ears, you, too?

    And later?

    Perhaps Ms. Harf is referring to the use of ?transparent? in computing, where it means ?(of a process or interface) functioning without the user being aware of its presence.? Which actually kind of fits given the subject of the tussle.
  3. U K Kapil's Avatar
    It is good to see that President is striving for Gun-control legislation in the Congress. Indeed,this is a courageous step. It looks like that he is moving in a right direction. Only Licensed Ones will be OK. This will be safe and judicious.

    In Newton that Guy had three Guns including automatic.These rifles are generally kept by Army Personnel and they...
    are all licensed one.All common citizens without proper Licenses can not equate themselves with the Licensed Military Personnel's.Army men have training for the Gun-use whereas the general Public has no such training.
    General Public has free access for the purchase.

    Hence,the Use is by and large is not OK.General Public use is reckless and random . This is because the proper background of Army men for the proper Use.Army men seldom go berserk in normal and peaceful times whereas there are hosts of reckless and violent instances by General Public.Therefore,the Licensed Ones will be OK. And, it considerably reduce the reckless Use. Pl see this point.

    In Colorado, the other Guy had two assault rifles which he purchased within one month. In this wild and violent episode that Guy did 'cinema' in the Theater and targeted large number of persons.This is not OK. The reckless Use is very apparent here and there.However, OK is good for Licensed Ones and not for every Tom,Dicken and Harry.
    We wish President Good Luck in every venture he leads.

    Thanks & regards,

    U K Kapil
  4. Krishna Prasad's Avatar
    Oh really hope sun won't rise in the west tomorrow CIR is never gonna happen
    Pass legal immigration they are tax payers
  5. Benito Mora Segovia's Avatar
    it is a shame that congress is stoping this much needed reform which is good for AMERICA and no body else

    we will meet again in 2016 Dear Republicans
  6. Grayslinda's Avatar
    America. Need not to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens to solve to fix our broken immigration system! The comprehensive immigration refrom that the president and Democrats. Want to throw down Americans throat and force them to swallow, will be nothing but a big disaster, JUST LIKE. THROWING GASILINE ON THE FIRE!
  7. Jim Nichols's Avatar
    Yes Republicans going to don't get on board soon they're doomed. Amy never win another national election
  8. Ken Rinzler's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me why we have a conference room at our headquarters, which our own marketing brochure (see attached) says seats 100 people in lecture format, yet our own BOG never meets there? Aside from the BOG meeting at the annual conference, which is held at some enormous hotel venue anyway, the BOG minutes say we never have more than 100 people in attendance even when including staff?
    Would it really be so bad if these people had to ?suffer? through such a room for the few hours the meetings take rather than fly overseas at our expense?
    What am I missing?
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