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Letters of the Week: Oct 28 - Nov 1

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I feel sorry for President Obama. He can't win. The liberals are unrelenting with their criticism that he isn't doing enough for the undocumented aliens, and the conservatives are just as unrelenting with their complaint that he isn't enforcing the law at all. I wrote an article on this topic, "Is DHS Enforcing Our Immigration Laws?" If you want to read it, you can find it at,

    I think we should back off a little on the criticism. It does not foster cooperating between the two parties, and, as I have said many times already, we need the cooperation of the House Republicans if we are going to succeed with immigration reform while they are in the Majority in the House. It is not a good strategy with President Obama either if you want him to continue his efforts to help undocumented aliens.
  2. David M. Murray's Avatar
    Regarding the proposed ?Amnesty,? disguised as ?Comprehensive Immigration Reform? ? which is in no way ?comprehensive? . . .

    Look at it this way . . . each job that is held by an undocumented worker is a job not held by a legal US resident. If there were no undocumented aliens in the USA, the jobs would still need to be filled and they would be filled by US workers, perhaps at a higher wage and perhaps not. But that?s not the issue. If there are 11 million undocumented aliens in the USA and if just one third of those are employed, that is 3.666,666 job openings that would need to be recruited with legal US workers. Staggering!

    Between the Amnesty of 1986 and approximately the beginning of the George W. Bush administration, the US government did not enforce the laws that were written to protect US jobs as a trade-off for the 1986 Amnesty. That is regrettable and only shows the incompetence of our government. Now the special interest groups want to legalize those who hold jobs in the USA . . . . this makes no sense whatsoever. If the US government really wants to solve its problems, it should look not to the illegals, but to the welfare state. Put the welfare recipients into the jobs illegal aliens presently hold and make it ?workfare?. . . . . Oh no, we can?t do that, can we? Why not? Give me one good reason . . . just one GOOD reason.
  3. Krishna Prasad's Avatar
    Please understand illegal immigration is not real immigration
    Making the life of Legal immigrants miserable just for Latino votes is present administration's politics still they don't want to give relief to legal immigration Republican Party supports Legal immigration don't blame them for Brownie points real culprits are everyone knows that
  4. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    China Censors Take Page from AILA's Playbook

    Dear ILW Reader:
    As they say, what a week it?s been. I get back from a week overseas and all hell has broken loose.
    Many of you have been telling me about the ExCom?s declaration of martial law, and the ridiculous interim rule that bans even the mention of another AILA member?s name. To me, the biggest surprise about what our hypocritical leadership has done is the fact that so many members seem surprised by their action. Why even Jackie Newman, of all people, called the thread deletion ?heavy handed? (kudos. Jackie!) , although that indefatigable poster and AILA apologist Andrea Wisner has yet to show even that much integrity.
    And many seem upset over the ?treatment? being received by Matt Kolken. Sorry, I can?t get aroused over that. First, unlike me and Susan McFadden, Matt at least has the ability to defend himself on the MC without relying upon the good graces of others. Second, using an analogy of ?charity begins at home?, the last time I checked the ?Dreamers? (be they 9 or 30 or 11 million or whatever), are not members of AILA and it?s a shame that so many members seem more concerned with what?s written about them than about our own members by our own members, especially during a campaign for an AILA national office, but regardless they are public figures and are fair game for comment. And last, this really comes down to AILA advocacy and its support for amnesty. As Roxi Liming wrote, AILA doesn?t need to take a stand on everything ? and as I have said many times ? especially when it has never polled the membership on same.
    And Matt praising Mark Shmueli for his ?leadership? is a bit rich, when it is Shmueli who made the asinine posting about how he stated I never did any pro bono work because it didn?t go through him at the DC Chapter, and how he supported Peter Asaad?s equally stupid posting when Asaad took many of my quotes out of context when both members knew I couldn?t directly defend myself.
    Let?s cut to the chase.
    2013 has been a complete embarrassment for AILA?s leadership. They painted themselves into a corner by their pretext over protecting Andrea Chempinski from hearing her own self-proclaimed nickname back in February, as some sort of Beetlejuice spell in reverse, and have spent the rest of the year trying to justify their increasingly erratic and dictatorial behavior. And they simply don?t have the integrity or honesty to admit that they made a huge error.
    They appointed a leadership-controlled ?Transparency? Taskforce, whose credibility was in doubt from the start and then completely eliminated by the declaration of martial law. Of course, that didn?t stop the BOG from giving Kathleen Walker a commendation (on sheepskin?) for her ?efforts?, although who gives out an award for a job which is not completed yet and which has now been made virtually irrelevant anyway?
    This is not a debate over tone, despite what the leadership would have one believe; it is a debate over freedom of expression, and the leadership doesn?t want us to have any if it criticizes the organization.
    It will be interesting to see if the leadership tries to ban Mike Owens for his excellent posts, or simply erases them the same way the Soviet Politburo used to erase individuals from photographs when they were trying to rewrite history and the presence of certain persons became inconvenient.
    And, by the way, the next time an AILA members dies, no more eulogies on the MC. Fair is fair.
    All of this was so predictable.
    You people really need to take a stand. It?s not about personalities.
    Of course should anyone post this, they would be banned. And doesn?t that prove my point?
  5. Susanna Bogue's Avatar
    As most of your readers know, the Senate passed a huge comprehensive immigration law bill back in late June. While not perfect, the bill was carefully crafted to balance many good things with some things that were not so good. Unfortunately, the House refused to come up with their own comprehensive bill, insisting that they preferred to pass changes piece-by-piece. However, given that there had not been any piece-by-piece bills passed in the Senate, even if the House were to pass their own idea of immigration reform there is no time left in the year for the Senate to do the same. This Catch-22 problem was articulated to me and a group of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) members back in May by long-term Congressman John Conyers of Detroit. Congressman Conyers is the second oldest member of Congress and has a long history of fighting for Civil Rights. In fact, the first person he hired as a Congressman to work in his office was Rosa Parks. Congressman Conyers told us that Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, favored a piece-meal solution to immigration reform. But because of the backwards way they pass legislation in Congress these days, he said the House would not move on any immigration bill until the Senate had first done their work. Well as we all know now, the Senate never considered the piecemeal approach, even though everyone knew that Speaker Boehner wanted reform done in that manner. With no break-through by the time of the August break, immigration reform for this year was laid to rest. Congressman Conyers also accurately predicted that it is unusual for any new projects to be worked on after the summer break because Congress only works on things that are already done up until the end of the year. Now, with only a few days remaining in this year?s Congress, it is safe to say that comprehensive immigration reform has died another death.

    While unfortunately AILA and its lobby arm, the American Immigration Council, has never been a big player in Washington, DC politics, this year the 13,000 member group of immigration lawyers has been particularly ineffective, with infighting taking place since the start of the year that remains unresolved at press-time. While too busy paying off their multi-million dollar office building and imposing martial law to curtail freedom of speech among their own members, it is yet another symptom of how badly this year has gone despite all the optimism with which it started out.

    If you are in Washington DC, you may want to check out the hearing on the Motion to Quash Subpoena filed by AILA?s attorneys, Venable, Monday, December 2, at 9:00 AM.
    The trial is Tuesday, Dec. 3, at 11:00 AM. The case is Kenneth Rinzler v. American Immigration Lawyers Association, D.C. Superior Court, Small Claims No. 2013 SC 2 004546.

    Susanna Bogue

    Of Counsel
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