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Letters of the Week: Nov 4 - Nov 8

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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Now AILA and AIC are pushing refugee tourism, as can be seen from the trip they are currently promoting:

    Register for the AIC 2014 Italy Tour (March 15 ? 25, 2014)
    Join the American Immigration Council?s exchange trip to Italy! Meet U.S. Consular staff in Rome, visit Milan and Lake Como, and gain special access to Lampedusa Island, the first stop for refugees from North Africa. For more info contact:

    Dear Mr. Johnson:
    Please tell me that not a single penny of our forced contributions to AIC (via our national and chapter dues) are going towards this boondoggle. And both AILA and AIC show such sensitivity by making Lampedusa Island the focal point of a tour for spoiled Americans.
    How utterly shameful.

    [Photo cannot be attached]

    Coffins of some of the victims of the 3 October disaster in a hangar at Lampedusa airport. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP

    From an October 16 article in the Guardian:

    If the boat passengers are unsure about Italy before they arrived in Lampedusa, the facilities on the island are not, at the moment, likely to change their minds. Surrounded by sloping shrubland outside the town, the reception centre to which the migrants are taken is currently hugely overcrowded. The numbers fluctuate daily, but on Tuesday afternoon it had 905 registered migrants, including 142 minors, both with families and without. The centre ? an entire wing of which lies burned out after a fire several years ago ? has space for 250, maximum 300, people.

    "The centre is in a critical condition. We want people to be transferred [to other centres on the Italian mainland] as soon as possible," says Maurizio Molina, senior protection associate at UNHCR Italy and one of the team working at the centre in the aftermath of this month's disasters. "Many people are sleeping rough because in the centre there are not enough places."

    Your promotional materials tout how ?Lampedusa is the first stop in Europe for many migrants traveling by boat from the North coast of Africa?. It?s a pity that you seem to ignore the fact that it?s also the last stop for far too many.
    Don?t forget to bring sunscreen and water as you ?visit Lampedusa?s crowded Accommodation Center?.
    Perhaps next year the Sudan?
  2. David D. Murray's Avatar
    Dear Editor,

    Regarding the proposed ?Amnesty,? disguised as ?Comprehensive Immigration Reform? ? which is in no way ?comprehensive? . . .

    Look at it this way . . . each job that is held by an undocumented worker is a job not held by a legal US resident. If there were no undocumented aliens in the USA, the jobs would still need to be filled and they would be filled by US workers, perhaps at a higher wage and perhaps not. But that?s not the issue. If there are 11 million undocumented aliens in the USA and if just one third of those are employed, that is 3.666,666 job openings that would need to be recruited with legal US workers. Staggering!

    Between the Amnesty of 1986 and approximately the beginning of the George W. Bush administration, the US government did not enforce the laws that were written to protect US jobs as a trade-off for the 1986 Amnesty. That is regrettable and only shows the incompetence of our government. Now the special interest groups want to legalize those who hold jobs in the USA . . . . this makes no sense whatsoever. If the US government really wants to solve its problems, it should look not to the illegals, but to the welfare state. Put the welfare recipients into the jobs illegal aliens presently hold and make it ?workfare?. . . . . Oh no, we can?t do that, can we? Why not? Give me one good reason . . . just one GOOD reason.

    David D. Murray, Esq,, Newport Beach, CA
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