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Letters of the Week: Nov 18 - Nov 22

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  1. Khagendra Gharti Chhetry's Avatar
    Please find the attached order of Second cir for Mr. Surendra Dhakal.
    If this decision is of an interest please post it in ILW. for-Surendra-Raj-Dhakal.pdf
  2. Brenda Lopez's Avatar
    My spouse was detatined in Karnes City Geo Unit about 3 yrs ago. Facility was unjust. My spouse did not want me to say anything while he was there, because he was scared of what could happen. My spouse was detained because he was a Material Witness in a case. No other major or minor violations. After he was there 2 monhts, they moved him to Persall, Tx.
    At Persall he said that the food was a little bit reasonable, but that there were immigrants there from all over. Immigrants that were picked up for no DL. Many of whom have been here for years and never had any encounter with the law. ICE comes in to local jails and takes them into custody.
    Many immigrants now know that they can refuse deportation. They do so, but like my husband states there are some in there for more than a year.
    I believe that if the violation is as simple as a traffic ticket, there is no need for them to be detained. Many Americans have traffic tickets that go unpaid and cost the just Americans tax money.

    Against detainment centers,
    Brenda Lopez
  3. Anonymous Unregistered's Avatar
    Congress should act in immigration reform.
  4. Kevin H. Rosenthal's Avatar
    Dear ILW,

    My question, which the articles and other explorations on this topic remain silent, is what role do for-profit corrections/detention corporations and their lobbyists play in the discussions concerning the mandate? What about state and county run facilities and how much funding do they receive from the federal government? With so much funding and potential profit at stake, why are we not asking the question, "Who benefits? What are the conflicts of interest inherent in this mandate?" I think an understanding of the economic interests related to the mandate is necessary to fully discuss and explore the ramifications of the existing mandate and changes to it.


    Kevin H. Rosenthal
  5. Danny......'s Avatar
    We don't need immigration reform. We have laws on the books that would resolve all the problems with immigration. The president is committing treason and violating the Constitution by mot enforcing the laws as written and passed by congress and signed into law by the president. All immigration laws should be enforced and every illegal migrant in the United States should be rounded up and place in prison for a minimum of 5 years hard labor then deported. All the breaking up families crap is BS, if a parent is deported there is no law to prevent the children from returning to their parents home country. There problem solved, If an illegal doesnt want to split up their family then all they have to do is pack up their **** and get the **** up. YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY AND SHOULD BE ROUNDED UP< TRIED FOR YOUR CRIMES AND IF FOUND GUILTY, EXECUTED ON THE SPOT. IF you don't like our laws then pack your **** and get out because hard working white and black people are sick of the illegal BS and you are driving us into another civil war,which will only cause pain and death to millions all because you hate American and want to turn it into a 3rd world **** hole and welfare state.
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