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Letters of the Week: Dec 2 - Dec 6

Rating: 2 votes, 3.00 average.
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Updated 12-02-2013 at 04:06 PM by IDBlog

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  1. SusannaBogue's Avatar
    Dear Editor,

    As most of your readers know, the Senate passed a huge comprehensive immigration law bill back in late June. While not perfect, the bill was carefully crafted to balance many good things with some things that were not so good. Unfortunately, the House refused to come up with their own comprehensive bill, insisting that they preferred to pass changes piece-by-piece. However, given that there had not been any piece-by-piece bills passed in the Senate, even if the House were to pass their own idea of immigration reform there is no time left in the year for the Senate to do the same. This Catch-22 problem was articulated to me and a group of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) members back in May by long-term Congressman John Conyers of Detroit. Congressman Conyers is the second oldest member of Congress and has a long history of fighting for Civil Rights. In fact, the first person he hired as a Congressman to work in his office was Rosa Parks. Congressman Conyers told us that Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, favored a piece-meal solution to immigration reform. But because of the backwards way they pass legislation in Congress these days, he said the House would not move on any immigration bill until the Senate had first done their work. Well as we all know now, the Senate never considered the piecemeal approach, even though everyone knew that Speaker Boehner wanted reform done in that manner. With no break-through by the time of the August break, immigration reform for this year was laid to rest. Congressman Conyers also accurately predicted that it is unusual for any new projects to be worked on after the summer break because Congress only works on things that are already done up until the end of the year. Now, with only a few days remaining in this year?s Congress, it is safe to say that comprehensive immigration reform has died another death.

    While unfortunately AILA and its lobby arm, the American Immigration Council, has never been a big player in Washington, DC politics, this year the 13,000 member group of immigration lawyers has been particularly ineffective, with infighting taking place since the start of the year that remains unresolved at press-time. While too busy paying off their multi-million dollar office building and imposing martial law to curtail freedom of speech among their own members, it is yet another symptom of how badly this year has gone despite all the optimism with which it started out.

    If you are in Washington DC, you may want to check out the hearing on the Motion to Quash Subpoena filed by AILA?s attorneys, Venable, Monday, December 2, at 9:00 AM.
    The trial is Tuesday, Dec. 3, at 11:00 AM. The case is Kenneth Rinzler v. American Immigration Lawyers Association, D.C. Superior Court, Small Claims No. 2013 SC 2 004546.

    Susanna Bogue
    Of Counsel
    San Francisco, CA
  2. GladysFarris's Avatar
    Dear Editor
    I do not know any reason for doing the raids of nonimmigrant like the Gestapo did with the Jews and undesirable people of Germany. I know we have people who are criminals and I know that in this day stage of computer is easy to know who they are and go after them not all of the nonimmigrant because of their legal status. Now this is my opinion. Gladys
  3. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    There are many questions that need to be asked of immigration enthusiasts pushing for CIR for these "hard working immigrants" without papers and demand that it is essential that we provide them a path towards legal status or citizenship. Pardon me, but --- essential to whom? And at whose and what cost? Is "hard working" now
    a legal defense or reason to nullify criminal behavior which also
    precludes our rule of law? Have past amnesties or legalizations
    diminished the flood of illegal entry and questionable "legal" entry?
    Why is the more vigorous application of deportation of illegals "not
    possible or desirable which has work in the past and is working now to the limited degree that it is being applied? Why should citizenship be cheapened by granting
    it to those who willingly and arrogantly defied our sovereignty and
    entry laws? How is a critical cohesiveness of society achieved with
    such counterfeit measures? How is essential respect generated between
    new migrants and existing citizens with unearned, manipulated and
    fiat legal status? Why are advocates of such divisive policies under
    the guise of compassion, "human rights", diversity or multiculturalism not concerned
    with the superior rights of our own citizens over xenomania in favor of
    foreigners? Why are not those who pursue such dilution and deception
    condemed as foolish at best and treasonous at worst? Why should
    citizens not be concerned about ulterior motives of excessive immigrant
    advocates including the direct threats by radical groups? Why do
    apologists always refer to illegal aliens as undocumented? Should bank
    robbing now be referred to as unauthorized withdrawals to allow for their
    dignity or legalized to bring these hard workers out of the shadows?
    Are such efforts wrapped in phony charitable motives merely to disguise
    crass self interest including more tax revenue or bottom line profit?
    Why is it assumed that illegals are all of upstanding character engaged
    in positive endeavors when they have already demonstrated a criminal
    mindset and many continue the behavior? What kind of society will be the
    result of such "citizens"? With the recent outbreak of many strange,
    foreign diseases, who can justify any immigration except the limited and
    controlled variety? In view of past, excessive immigration and present
    terrorist and health concerns, would not a 5 year "time out" period be
    in order to sort things out? Why do foreigners believe they can decide to come here
    imposing their will upon US without permission? How is national security achieved when miles of our borders can be violated at will? Why are we paying for secure borders in Afghanistan and Israel and not here? Why do CIR advocates claim we must legalize criminals in order to secure our borders??? Aren't they supposed to be securing our borders anyway without fraudulently bargaining for benefits which are not justified. We certainly are taxed enough for national defense. All Americans deserve answers to these questions and many others, not press propaganda and pandering by politicians, plantation profiteers and other special interests. Americans need to ponder the legacy and nature of the society we are creating for posterity and to consider if it equals or is even worthy to be compared to that which previous generations sacrificed mightily for US. One does not have to be a Bible believer to
    appreciate the following wisdom: "Verily, verily, I say
    unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but
    climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber." (John
    10:1) See:

    Jim Roberts
  4. Angie Mercer's Avatar
    I agree with the heckler.
  5. .faith young.'s Avatar
    I am responding to an article dated 12/5/2012.

    In 1986 I brought my children from Jamaica with the youngest 11 years at the time in2005 he got himself in a non-violent crime and was given 90 days and some probation, which he did as asked to, in August 2012 I.C.E came to my home and picked him up and took him to Lumpkin County and April 2013 he was sent home to a place he has no family or friends or a place to live, he is now living my mercy. He was a hard working man, he paid off his student loan, he paid his taxes, he has not gotten himself in any further trouble, and I am on fixed income and not able to help him until he get his life together
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