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DACA Field Report

Only 40,000 DACA applications

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Almost one month after USCIS started receiving DACA application, government officials indicate that almost 40,000 applications have been received, less than 4% of those eligible for the program. Many concerns have kept undocumented youth from applying to the program, including high USCIS processing fees and lack of legal precedents on particular issues such as the usage of false social security numbers. One of the most important worries that many young people have is the fear of exposing their families to deportation. To read more on this matter, see here. 

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  1. John's Avatar
    This subject relaly does affect me in many ways. One because my parents dealt with this issue over 20 years ago (and no I am not Mexican) and another because my boyfriend of 8 years is illegal who is mexican. Everyone thinks that undocumented workers that receive amnesty from the government get things the easy way. I think everyone who thinks this way is just ignorant. Many people have worked so hard to get to this country, much harder than any American-born individual(like myself) to be judged so harshly by so many negative people American people. My parents like my boyfriend gave up a lot to get here and worked extremely difficult when they they did. My parents fortunately were here when Regan passed the amnesty law and now I know exactly what they went through seeing my boyfriend go through it. This country is amazing and so are the opportunities and when this law finally does go through you will see a lot of things come out of it, like in my case my two sisters, one who is a doctor and another who is a lawyer both born from parents who were illegal before the amnesty law was passed. (think of that next time you are in the hospital) or like my boyfriend who although is illegal (and getting taxed) has a very successful restuarant with authentic Mexican food that Americans love Meet a couple of people before making harsh judgement on innocent people who are just trying to live to their full potential which is something that many people cannot do in other countries.
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