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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

NYT: Boehner Setting Immigration Reform up for Spring Push

Rating: 3 votes, 4.67 average.
Nothing really new, but a nice summary of the recent shifts by Speaker Boehner and the growing optimism that as soon as the Republican primaries are over, immigration reform measures will start to move in the House.

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  1. Jack2's Avatar
    "Civil disobedience demonstrations are planned in Washington and elsewhere."

    We are outraged by the current law under which the government controls who enters and resides within the country. We demand CIR, which is basically the same as the old law as far as controlling who enters and resides within the country.
  2. DFrancis's Avatar
    Dec 3rd

    Here is yet numerous reasons why this immigration Senate Reform bill MUST be stopped??in any form? Here are some facts in the bill you will never hear from the Leftist media. According to the Immigration Senate bill?Amnesty, it represents another fraudulent Amnesty played upon the American people as in the 1986 Reform and Control Act. The Simpson-Mazzoli bill was stringent on enforcement, but in truth nothing was done. No employer enforcement as corruption was rampant, just as it is today. The worst case Scenario is California, which has been become a sickening joke, beginning enacting a law on January 1st allowing illegal aliens to practice law? WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT? WHAT?S NEXT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN RUNNING FOR CONGRESS? WE ALREADY CAN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ILLEGAL ALIENS GET BETTER TREATMENT THAN OUR VETERANS?

    WHAT WE NEED IS A HIGHLY CONFRONTATION COMMANDER IN CHIEF, AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT. NOT CHRIS CHRISTIE, NOT HILLARY CLINTON. WHO WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR EVERY CITIZEN IS A MAN HIGHLY REGARDED?THAT MAN IS JEFF SESSIONS OF ALABAMA. I WILL ONLY VOTE FOR A MAN OR WOMEN WHO STAND WITHOUT QUESTION FOR THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND NOT INSTITUTING HIS OWN POLICIES AND SIDE TRACKING CONGRESS AS THIS PRESIDENT HAS? Sen. Sessions is honest and straight forward and committed to the ?Rule of Law? unfortunately not the ideology of the leftist progressives and their movement morph this great country into Socialist nightmare. I am an Independent and have no love for either party and instead moved towards the moderate Conservatism of the TEA PARTY.

    Just look at the sly, secrets written into the Immigration Senate bill?Comprehensive AMNESTY:

    1. They are not required to learn English; they only have to bring a receipt for a class they paid? Not prove they passed or attended the classes.

    2. Unbelievably it?s permissible to have criminal records. Up to 3 misdemeanors and 1 "light" felony; which including drug possession and sexual assault. That means those criminals who stole a citizen or legal residents Social Security Number is forgiven, even they caused tremendous anxiety and limitless frustration trying to proof to financial entities and the government, that they were the PREY?

    3. They will allow gang members if they sign a piece of paper that says they promise to stay away from gang activities and leave the gang. No gang member should be exempt from prosecution and deportation.

    4. They WILL be entitled to welfare programs if they are pregnant, disabled, mentally ill, elderly, single mothers, getting a GED, learning a skill or trade, etc. That means they can apply for Food Stamps, citizen benefits including access to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Already many laws have been slyly crafted so pregnant illegal aliens and overstays, once their visa expired can apply for every citizen entitlement for their child-children, is the most expensive program costing hundreds of billions of dollars. THIS SUPPLEMENTS THE INCOME OF LOW INCOME FAMILIES, BY CONCEIVING AS MANY CHILDREN AS ACHIEVABLE.

    5. The most disgusting to comprehend about the gang of eight 2013 Senate bill: All the additional funding for border control can be waived by the next director of Homeland Security, the second he/she feels the border is secure enough. This bill does nothing to stop overstayed visas which are 40% of all illegal aliens today.

    6. They will not have to pay any back taxes or fines if they can't prove their income falls below the poverty line.

    2014: Immigration Reform Without Compassion and Common Sense is Un-American ?So Is Violating the Law.
    By Stephen Frank on 12/31/2013 for California News and Views.

    The Left has always seen criminals as romantic figures. The rich of New York held a fund raiser at the home of Leonard Bernstein for the Black Panthers. The elite of D.C. had little trouble with Che Guevara. Drug dealers and users are seen as victims of society and union goon are looked at as freedom fighters.
    Illegal aliens are criminals. They stole ID?s, use phony ID?s, and steal health care, education and jobs and keep demanding more and more. They lie on government forms and job applications. All of this would put us in jail?the Left prefers giving s a reward, citizenship, for criminal activity. They you have parents abandoning their children?and instead of demanding the parents take the children back to their native land, the Left wants the criminals to be rewarded with staying in this country AND have their children with them. So much so, that the Obama Administration has been caught using the Border Patrol to smuggle criminals. Why should Americans obey the laws, when government protects law breakers from other nations?
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Re: the interminable rant by DFrancis (which was dated, for some reason, one month before it was actually posted): maybe it took the writer a full month to include all the venom and hate, leaving nothing out.

    In my January 5 post, I point out that the ancient Egyptians were apparently more tolerant of immigrants 3 or 4 thousand years ago than certain people who call themselves Americans are today.

    How much has humanity really progressed in all this time? DFrancis' anti-immigrant ravings make one wonder about that question.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  4. USC2's Avatar
    The post by DFrancis is a good example of the typical anti. Here is someone who is barely able to write in proper English, yet preaches about why the illegals should have to learn English.
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