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DACA Field Report

Foundations and Deferred Action

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Recently, Walter Barrientos, a consultant at Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees, and Hugh Hogan, executive director of the North Star Fund, released an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy outlining several ways that foundations can support grassroots organizations and leaders and consequently strengthen the pro-immigrant movement. The article states, 

After years of deadlocked, partisan battles over the nation's broken immigration system, foundations that help some of the most vilified people in American society have new reasons to feel their grants can make a difference[...] Grant makers that are willing to take risks can make a big difference in fighting political gridlock on Capitol Hill and the extremism of the far right in Washington. 

We encourage large non-profit organizations and foundations to invest on the development of young leadership, especially given the possibility that has opened up for them with deferred action. With a work permit, these young Americans will be able to work to afford a college education and will be able to pursue a career of their choice, and consequently help their families and communities. One of the talking points in 2010 was that passing the DREAM Act is an investment in our nation's economy. Now, investing in Deferred Action, either by spending resources on legal clinics, waiving DACA application fees, etc, is definitely a win-win situation for our nation's economy and society. 

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