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Are Republicans Running Away From Their Immigration "Principles"? By Roger Algase

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Almost as soon as they came out with their enforcement-first, legalization-last immigration manifesto, also known as "Principles" or "Standards", the House Republican leaders appear to be running away from this document out of fear of retaliation by their irate white supremacist Tea Party base.

POLITICO reports on February 2 that Paul Ryan (R-Wis), in a Sunday TV interview, not only reiterated the House GOP approach of enforcement before "amnesty" (the Tea Party's word for "legalization") but said that the whole question of whether the president would get an immigration bill to sign this year is "in doubt". See Paul Ryan won't commit to immigration action this year.

In other words, there is good reason to believe that the House Republicans' widely heralded immigration reform "Principles" or "Standards" were not meant to be a basis for action, or even discussion, but only a meaningless public relations gesture to try to fool Latinos and other pro-immigrant communities into thinking that the GOP leaders were open to reform and willing to consider it seriously.

But even if this manifesto was originally meant to be a a basis for discussion in good faith, the Republican leaders are running away from it faster than the anti-immigrant bigots in their party's base can say "boo!"

The only realistic conclusion is that the Tea Party is still in the saddle and holding the reins on the Republican approach to immigration reform.

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Updated 02-03-2014 at 04:47 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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  1. Jack2's Avatar
    "If we can get security first, no amnesty before anything happens, that's a good approach. This is not a trust and verify, this is a verify and trust approach."

    Before anything happens? What a concept--prevention first. How radical. How unreasonable. For some reason, Democrats insist on irreversible mass legalization first--anything preventive before that is a "non-starter." If they were acting in good faith, why would that be?

    It used to be "take our word on it" followed by lip service to enforcing the law, however disingenuous. Trouble is, now their word is:

    ?Our view of the law is that it ? if somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation.?

    So why would anyone who wants to prevent illegal immigration take that word? She is admitting that she does not recognize immigration law. Democrats are so far gone they now don't even bother pretending to respect immigration law--they openly repudiate it (at least to Spanish language media). But Republicans can trust them, especially after flushing their only bargaining chip down the toilet. Verify and trust? More like verify and drag kicking and screaming and even then the second mass legalization were to kick in, a campaign to destroy whatever was just built would begin in earnest. So we will never have a functioning system because it would cost too many special interests money and power. Dragging Democrats to preventing illegal immigration is just hypothetical anyway. Remember, they ain't playing. "Non-starter" is the term ironically used by the side who blames the other side for essentially not starting.
  2. Dave Francis's Avatar
    Watching what's unfolding in Washington one of the most frightening outlook anybody has ever known? I just hope you have the grit to stomach all of these issues that must be troubling for all Americans. I'm sorry. I want to shield you from it; but the truth must come out. The mainstream press has in many respects turned against offering the truth, in taking Conservatives statements out of context--to push Liberal ideology.

    With his signature sly smirk he told American citizens that this is the "Year of Executive Action." He plans to abuse executive orders to blow by Congress and the Constitution to carry out his agenda. Obama has every intention of giving amnesty to millions who are here illegally. America's economy is in shambles. Our health care system a wreck (thanks to Obamacare). Unemployment is still rocketing upwards. Yet Obama and his liberal army want to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who will collapse the system and create a new wave of poverty. Who's going to pay for all this? Tell Congress, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH. WE DON'T WANT IT. AMERICA CAN'T AFFORD IT. STOP THE AMNESTY TRAIN WRECK NOW!" Blast your fax message today! Use your voice and jam the switchboard in Washington at (202) 224-3121.

    Obama's Executive Order Czar, John Podesta made a mockery of America and our Founding Fathers when he told us that Obama's just is getting warmed up. When he believes "he has the authority" to "make progress" without action by Congress, he'll do it, Podesta boasted.

    Obama, Podesta, Holder?they're all spitting in the face of America.

    Everything we've worked for?and our military has valiantly fought for and DIED FOR?over the course of history is at stake: our sovereignty, our freedom, our military power and our right to liberty and justice.

    Indeed this is Obama's idea of fundamentally changing America.

    It's so bad that the movie producer of Schindler's List has said he "never feared my government until now." What does that tell you?

    When you put all of his vile actions together it spells grave danger. All you have to do is connect the dots. Look at the deeply disturbing chain of events that have been taking place. Already Obama has been:

    Purging the military of the highest ranking generals and officers

    He's fired our military's finest?200 since he took office. It's unprecedented. Obama is deliberately weakening out military and replacing them with loyalists who have promised to "pry the guns from our cold, dead hands" for starters.

    If a military officer speaks out, he's fired or stripped of a promotion. The "king" does not allow anyone to speak out against him. It's so bad that Obama is now being watched by our military.

    He is freely giving away US sovereignty. There's a vicious plan underway right now to place US sovereignty in foreign hands. Under a new free trade agreement even our US Supreme Court with have no authority and hold no power. Obama wants to give away control of our oceans and land, too. Those plans have already been set into motion. He's opening America up to attack to allow the extremists and terrorists to take control.

    This man has positioned known extremists and terrorists in administrative positions in the White House. He's placed known extremists from the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House?given them access to everything. Even more chilling; one of them?Huma Abedin?is Hillary Clinton's chief of staff. Still another, Mohamed Elibiary is a member of the DHS's Security Council. Both of these people have known ties to terrorists. There are 10-15 others with those same close ties to this dangerous organization in the administration.

    Spying on Americans 24/7 Clearly Obama wants to know who's with him and who's against him. He's gone so far as to place innocent Americans such as veterans, Christians and patriotic Americans on watch lists, labeling them as "extremists."

    Democrats are pushing for a third term. Can you imagine what would happen if that becomes a reality? All Obama has to do is sign an executive order to change the election laws so he can take a third term. Remember, "He?s just getting warmed up" according to his own people. What's worse, he could change our laws so that there are NO term limits in the presidency.

    . Enough is enough. Obama has defied and despoiled the Constitution, bypassed Congress, gone against the laws of this country and the ardent will of the people. The only true Conservatives who will enforce immigration are the ?tearing-away? Peoples TEA PARTY dot org. Millions of Americans are cutting their bonds from the Democratic and the GOP elitists, along with all nationalities, blacks, whites, Latino?s, Asian and other minority and religious groups.

    Many Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents identify with the premises set forth by the Tea Party Movement, which is striking a chord and ringing true with the American Spirit. The TEA PARTY grassroots mission calls for awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation, the United States of America. From our founding, the Tea Party represents the voice of the true owners of the United States: WE THE PEOPLE. Want to know more about the future of illegal immigration so go to Numbersusa and learn the real truth. Understand why the voices of the people who are speaking out in unison, relating to the unions being taken over by Marxist?s and the undermining of our great Republic? Read Trevor Loudoun books, about the truth covering Obama?s rise to power, called ?Borack Obama and the Enemies Within.? HE STATES IN HIS BOOK, THAT COMMUNISTS HAVE INFILTRATED THE WHITE HOUSE. Then read Frank De Varona?s book ?America in Decline. He was in a Cuban prison and as a Christian Latino, who realizes the consequences of millions of more illegal aliens arriving here under Obama or John Boehner who benefit greatly from the invasion, why citizens and legal residents pay dearly. The President is pushing for amnesty even though the Congressional Budget Office has determined it will devastate the wages of working class people.
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    The above two comments are good illustrations of the extremism and hate which are blocking immigration reform. Many reform advocates would like to pretend that the irrational right wing populism and prejudice which have been around in America for well over a century and take their current form as the Tea Party have no influence on today's immigration reform debate.

    That is the worst kind of wishful thinking. We will never have immigration reform unless we confront the Tea Party fanatics and their delusional far right wing allies head on, and do our best to eliminate or lessen their influence over one of America's two major parties.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 02-03-2014 at 10:03 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
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