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DACA Field Report

Organization Charging DACA Applicants

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We have received
reports from various sources on the ground indicating that some non-profit
organizations are charging for providing legal assistance to working class
immigrants for their DACA applications. We understand that as any entity that
needs to run daily operations, these organizations need funding to maintain
their programs and initiatives. However, when such organizations already
receive enormous amounts from foundations and government agencies, how can
these organizations justify charging these fees to immigrants who are already
having a hard time affording the required USCIS application fees?

One such organization is Make The Road in New York, who
recently just received $150,000 from New York State
Additionally, CHIRLA, a "nonprofit organization working to advance the human
and civil rights of immigrants and refugees in Los Angeles" is also charging
individuals for the processing of their applications.


Is it fair that these organizations are charging individuals
when they already get funding from foundation and taxpayers to do this work?
Share your thoughts on this matter.

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  1. Debra Dowd's Avatar
    Not-for-profit organizations need to spend its resources sparingly. The $150,000 received by Make the Road may have been earmarked for another purpose or program - this short report doesn't give us the fact. It is insulting to the immigrant community to presume that they need financial assistance and free services. Many are successful despite their status or lack thereof. Each person should be screened on his or her own merits to determine whether aid/free services are warranted. Those who can afford to pay, should, so that the services are better distributed to those who cannot afford to pay.
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