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Letters of the Week: Feb 17 - Feb 21

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  1. ukkapil's Avatar
    Feb 19,2014

    Immigration Daily

    No Response received so far concerning the under-noted Immigration Issues which are reproduced for the knowledge of numerous concerned persons as well as for the Immigrant Authorities for their necessary action please:


    Re Cancellation of Indian Passports of U S Citizens by Indian High Commissions in U S Territory

    The under noted Queries are addressed & raised to you in regard to the Cancellation of the previous Indian Passport of U S Citizens as explained in the enclosed letter which has not been attended by authorites so far. Hence, addressed to you on behalf of all the numerous U S Citizens who are paying huge Fee/ money for getting the defunct Passport Cancelled. Some millions of dollors are being extracted from them from this false service which in fact does not exit at all from Indian High Commissions in the whole of USA. The previous Fee was just $ 20.00

    1. I gather from your U S Passport Dept that you do not charge anything for getting the Passport cancelled.That is O K

    2, Indian Passport Dept Services used to charge $ 40.00 for the fresh Passport which has been raised to $ 75.00 without attending to my enclosed Query whereas all the Passport authorities in USA have started charging some $ 190,0, nowfrom one and all the new U S Citizen. It is felt that these cancellation charges are redundant in that the Passport Authorities have already charged the holder in the Fresh Passport Fee as it a just a cancellation fee which requires one Stamp of the Consulate High Commission for cancellation.

    3.That they were charging previously only $ 20.00 just for the mail or posal charges. No Fee was being charged by the authorties as it was being correctly and logically assumed that they have already charged for thier own Fresh Passport. Therefore, they were charging only $ 20.00 which has been raised considerably to the vicinity of some 190.00 to one and all U S Fresh Citizen. Thus, it is some 100% increase which makes no sense for this hefty and huge jump without any rhyme or reason.

    4. That this cancellation Fee of $190.00 is being charged in addition to the OCI Fee of $ 270.00. Previously, the double citizenship was being provided for just 270.00 to one and all without this exorbitant fee of $190.00. This Fee of $ 190.00 is over and above the Fee of $ 75.00 which the seeker or holder of Fresh Indian Passport has already paid to the Consulate High Commission,Thus, the pertinent question arises as to whether any such cancellation is required or imperative under these circumstances? Pl see.

    5 That being the U S Citizens who have secured the U S Citizenship after paying the legal fee to Home Land Security as also having paid handsome Income Taxes on their earnings in U S A, the indian Passport Author ties should have consulted and obtained the approval of Home Land Security for this hefty increase or new system.Regrettably, this has not been done.

    Strangely enough, the command of your U S Citizens lies with whom who are logically and technically not involved in this issue.

    That this whole matter was referred to NPIC, the appropriate and competent body to look into this Case as it not Passport fresh or renewal related matter but it has been returned to me. Hence, it is being referred to you for your kind attention please.

    That as for my credentials ,I am a U S Citizen & Tax Payer to IRS and require OCI.from India. To my dismay, I found these new strange changes.

    Applicant Name Uma Kant Kapil
    Date of Birth 07/11/1949
    Current Address 259 N Capitol Ave, Apt 190 San Jose, Calif 95127,USA
    Request Mode Online
    FAX Number Not Provided
    Mobile Number 4089101383
    Application Reference Number Not Provided
    File Number Not Provided
    Service Request Number 1210023431
    Problem Category Portal Related Issues
    Problem Sub-Category Other
    Problem Description Dear Sir, Re Cancellation Fee of Indian Passport at SFO,USA Passport No E 3409630 issued from ( Indian High Commission SFO San Francisco ) Your Indian High Commissions charge $40.00 for the issue of Fresh and renewal Indian Passports.However,it is noted that for the cancellation of same Passports as and when required by foreign residents Indians, you have started charging $175.00 which makes no sense as for cancellation of Indian Passport no material,no printing or for that matter no labour or no effort is required which is decidedly required for the Fresh Passport. Therefore, for the Fresh Passport, your charges are OK and reasonable whereas for the cancellation of same India Passport, it is ridiculous to have raised the charges to over 9 times e.g $ 175 plus $ 12.00 for other services. In view of the above,you are requested to look into this matter and decide on the issue of this absurd enhancement of charges for cancellation of Passport which was just mere $ 20.00 before this over reaching exercise of raising this $ 175.00. It is observed that for the cancellation only two stamps of Indian Embassy are considered to be suffice. Therefore, Sir, an appropriate reduction in the charges should be considered by you in view of almost very sketchy service from you. This service by me is required as I have secured US Citizen only a month back and there has not been any violation on my part whatsoever.I need to apply for OCI.Hence,my requirement for this but of late you have increased your Fee for cancellation of Passport in this manner which is beyond the comprehension of any reasonable seeker of your service.Hence, this request for your justifiable review for one and all. Looking forward to your early advice, Thanks & regards, U K KAPIL 259 N Capitol Ave,Apt 190 San Jose, CALIF 95127 USA
    Service Request Status Pending
    Priority Normal
    Priority Change Remark No action has been taken still Pending
    Status Change Remark No action has been taken still Pending
    Action Taken No action has been taken still Pending
    Service Request Submission date 02/01/2012
    Due Date

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  2. Alfred's Avatar
    I support who is employed and shows self support should be legalized
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