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Letters of the Week: Mar 3 - Mar 7

Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.
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  1. Carlos Gomez, JD's Avatar
    This is because cases are being administratively closed not because the government is "losing" cases, DUMB****S!

    Is this website still run by Indians, or by Arabs or something?

    Why do Indians wipe their butts with their hands (no toilet paper)? That is GROSS!

    And what is is with Arab men and little boys? Isn't that supposed to be illegal?

    Carlos Gomez, JD
    Arlington, Virginia
  2. Pontiac49ss's Avatar
    I have a problem with all the immigrates coming into the states,the problem is they should serve at least 3 years in the military to gain their citizenship male or female.I served in Iraq March 2003 to March 2005.I worked in the CAS Field Hospital with people from Kenya and other countries.They told me that for them to get their citizenship they had to serve in the military they didn't mind that cause they knew what was at the end of the rainbow.We even talked about that it wasn't right that they would to serve in the military to gain citizenship while the rest just had to get across the border. I agreed with them then I got to thinking that back in the Iran /Contra episode to free the hostages,those of us that were involved covertly and then later got arrested and serve time for weapons dealing or drug trafficing to put Desert 1 together and got left on the ground to fend for ourselves to get out cause the 3 lettered jacket guys got scared and running to save their neck.We the Spec.Ops.guys get left out in the **** again to save our own asses.This is not the first time any thing Tom Clancey wrote was based on crap that actually happened.Though the names were changed to protect the 3 lettered jacket what ever's.Those of us that did get back are marked with the Scarlet F for felonies and have no rights in this country but to exsist while you give it to the immigrates.Is this fair or a way to screw over the troops
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