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DACA Field Report

The Double Edged Sword of Annual Incomes

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One of the most frequently asked questions has been regarding the question about annual income on the I-765 WS. It seems as though this question is a double-edged sword: you must prove your financial need for work, however, if you show that you have an income, you are expected to pay taxes. Is there a golden range that one must use in order to abstain from any future problems? Discuss your thoughts!

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  1. Debra Dowd's Avatar
    With all due respect, if an individual HAS income, they should pay their taxes - that's part of being in the U.S. and becoming a "good citizen" as so many of my clients tell me. Why would you imply that someone should list just enough income to show need but not enough to garner attention on taxes. I'm all for immigrant rights, but not tax evasion. Is this what ILW is about? If so, I'll unsubscribe now.
  2. Janis Peterson-Lord's Avatar
    I agree with Debra wholehearedly. Anyone who wants the benefits of living in this country needs to honestly and fairly pay taxes. My father worked for the IRS and it makes me very angry when people aren't willing to pay their fair share.
  3. Randolph “Cyber” age 43's Avatar

    Most illegal immigrants participate or have participated in some sort of tax evasion or illegal use of government funds and programs meant for US citizens.

    For instance, illegals with US anchor babies often work under one ID and then claim welfare or other US children's benefits under another ID which shows poverty level or no wages at all.

    This whole Dream Act issue will result in many illegal immigrant children getting easy college grants and loans etc because they and their parents will show that there was never any family income as opposed to citizen's who only ever have had one ID.

    Many illegals share a legitimate social security number of someone who knows that they use the number. They make sure that they only declare the minimum wages for tax purposes so that it does not affect the total amount of taxes owed for the person who really has the social security number.

    Some use multiple ITINs in order to minimize the taxes owed by them.
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