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Letters of the Week: Mar 10 - Mar 14

Rating: 2 votes, 3.00 average.
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Updated 03-10-2014 at 10:40 AM by IDBlog

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  1. Bertha Franco Chapman's Avatar
    So much time, energy, promises and no actions done for the people to get legalized, they are here, already , it's so much talking and no action done on Immigration . The economy would get better just by passing immigration .
  2. Ayuda Hispana's Avatar
    In my line of work dealing with the immigrant of this area I believe that his statement is out of proportion since his trend of deportation without any stopping continue to separate families and implant fear in this community. This community only wants to have a permission to work and not live in a constant fear. Action speaks louder than flowery words that have no meaning.
  3. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    I think Barak Obama just wants the issue around for the next election. He helped kill comprehensive immigration reform under the last president, and when he could have gotten anything he wanted through Congress, he preferred to keep the issue alive. As he gets increasingly desperate, he is increasingly likely to claim all his opponents, even former supporters, are racists. I am beginning the believe that?s a clue as to his real intentions.
  4. John E. Shorkey's Avatar
    Obama has done DACA, and has augmented prosecutorial discretion for non-criminal aliens in removal proceedings. Removals of criminal violators have accelerated, but this is part of the scenario that is necessary for Republicans to come around to the realization that immigration enforcement is happening, so they can let go of their erroneous notion that the border is wide open, and that the government can?t enforce the existing law. Don?t you think it?s a little miserly to be labeling him with a derogatory term like the ?deporter in chief?? He?s done more for our illegal aliens than anyone since the last amnesty. So, do you expect Obama to stop enforcing anything, and give the Republicans ammunition? Now that the Immigration Court loads have decreased a little with the admin closure or termination of many, many cases for prosecutorial discretion, of course the removal of criminal aliens who don?t have any remedies available, is faster now. These executive moves seem to be working as intended, so why the scrooge attitude?
  5. McTyier, Jay's Avatar
    Let?s not forget that it was not Obama administration that presided over the enactment of the various amendments to the INA which made it easier to process removals, and expanded the scope of removable offenses. Let? also not forget that as President, Mr. Obama has to consider the wishes of a great deal of powerful people in Congress, representatives of the folks back home; and those of what may be a minority constituency that does not favor creating easier pathways to LPR status and/or citizenship. One of the safeguards of our government structure is that unpopular minority views can still be heard.
  6. vepollo1's Avatar
    if he can't do anything then why do we need a president for , just have congress and save the tax payer money.... Thanks a concern democrat..
  7. karraine's Avatar
    I think the Republican congress have tried to stop the president in every way they can from doing anything good for the country, and this especially means immigrations. I am very tired of hearing all the bad mostly which is not true about him. If this same pressure was but on the Republicans to stop this and get to work we would be better off.

    I have followed your reports etc for many years and I am very sorry to see you join this band wagon. I am for reform and things to help and wish they could legalize many of the people who are here and need papers. But I do not join in on all this ?down on the president ?stuff and will lose my respect for your information if you also continue this path. This is a very difficult subject, which I am sure you know, and we have many people with very negative opinions on people that are not white and don?t seem to understand how difficult it is for many people from many countries. I really hope that you can focus your directions to a positive direction. I will be very honest with you. I have some family members that are either residents or here without papers, and none of them care to be US Citizens. I understand that they is many out there that do want to be, but there is many who don?t and this has been from the 1986 law and currently. All they want is to be able to work and be able to go back to Mexico when they want. I also know people here on expired visa but again they don?t all want to be US Citizens and feel very angry that this is holding up them being able to work and live without problems. So I really think that many don?t know what is going on. Many of these want a work program. I know employers who have applied for the current work programs, they have the houses, the transportation, etc and everything that they need, but are not accepted and have been turned down. I live in an area where we have a lot of produce, but because of the shortage of works, they plowed midseason their fields. Which have cut many other jobs. This is not a one law fits all and I am tired of them trying to make it this way. I know so many people that this kind of stuff affects. I also know that the president can only do so much and it is the congress more than the president that makes these laws. Please push more towards making this congress be productive and get off the president?s back. The congress, especially the Republicans, are wasting so much of our money. There is no reason why this country is in the place. We don?t need walls on the border, what we need is many in this country to remember that this is a country that are immigrants unless they are 100 % native American?s. Split our country apart, continue on this negative path.
  8. karraine's Avatar
    I just sent you a letter and I am adding some more. Before any talks about the number of people deported, you need to break down what kinds. There are many people who it is good that are being deported. People who have been in jail for Rape, of murder, of even attempted murder, and many other crimes. I want these people out of here. For example my ex brother in law tried to murder my sister in law because he was being beating her up and she divorced him. I think he should have been deported. Don?t you. This not the kind of person we want here. So just giving the number is not right. Explain what kinds. Did they have tickets they didn?t pay, or rape someone, or come over the border, or what.
    I would love to hear back from you.
  9. vigilsprings's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    My personal opinion is that our President, and the General Consulates are a disgrace to this Country. This Country was founded by the immigrant, people who fought for, and made this country what it is today
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