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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Bowing to Pressure from Advocates Obama Calls for Review on Deportations

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President Obama for months has repeatedly stated that he is powerless to curb his record deportations by further expanding prosecutorial discretion initiatives such as deferred action or parole in place. It appears he found his powers again after meeting with three leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss the fact that he is getting slammed in the press and on social media over his deportation record.

The strategy of pressuring the White House has clearly weakened the President's resolve, as he has flip-flopped again stating his willingness to review deportation policies to ensure that people are deported humanely, because when you are destroying a family with deportation you want to make sure that it is done as humanely as possible. Apparently, Obama is only powerless when the focus is solely on the GOP's failure to move reform legislation through the House.

Keep the pressure up, as it is Kryptonite to this President.

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Updated 03-14-2014 at 01:19 PM by MKolken

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  1. violita's Avatar
    With this president, America might as well not secure our borders, just allow the floodgates to be open for millions of illegal aliens who have an American dream! Why stop deportations?? There is always going to be some kind of excuse for these bold and ruled illegal aliens in America, there is always going to be a family member they left behind that needs to come to America illegally, there is always going to be this excuse about them not being separated from their families! Illegal aliens and all of their advocates tend to find some kind of way to make America feel sorry for them, They tend to ride on the backs of the children, All of this compassion for illegal aliens, regardless of all their wrongdoings, are allowing them to have their way in America! The stop deportations, because this will separate them from families, The dream act, for their children, because they come to America at no fault of their own, And fact that they have American born children, because they are allow to take full advantage of our birthright laws, just for the main reason to make sure their children born here get an automatic America citizenship! They had found ways to get their children in all of our schools, where no American law will turn them away! They had found ways to get into millions of our jobs now, where they can not get turn away! All of this means that America no longer have any kind of real laws for illegal immigration, this means that illegal aliens can do just about anything that they want to do in America, that also means that they can just spit and walk all over any American who legal status to this country America!!!!!

    Now millions of bold and rude illegal aliens and all their advocates want to stop deportations! This doesn't make any since! This shows that they are really controlling America for their own purposes, and might be getting away with all of this. This means there will be so many lies that will not be found coming with this, So many of them will be allow to come to America, this will be just allowing more millions of illegal aliens into America, why not just give all America to Mexico! Us Americans seem to not count for nothing anymore, Obama will leave America in a shamble when he leaves!! America will be stuck with this illegal aliens insanity, there will be no turning back, this is why someone needs to stop Obama and congress now before they go through with any kind of amnesty or legalization for millions of another country's poor, Americans will be left with hardly nothing, Americans will have nothing left!
  2. Jack2's Avatar
    "It is absolutely the case that this kind of review would not be necessary if Congress had passed and the president had been able to sign into law comprehensive immigration reform." -- Jay Carney

    What? They keep referring to a "broken immigration system" and acting like CIR would mean that there would be no more deportations. The only way to not have aliens face deportations is unlimited immigration. Since when does CIR include that?
  3. Jack2's Avatar
    "He has asked Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to do an inventory of the Department's current practices to see how it can conduct enforcement more humanely within the confines of the law," the White House said.
    Ooohhhh, an inventory. Not by the president, of course, but by his new DHS lackey whose first reaction to being tapped must have been a sarcastic "Gee, thanks!" and whose first question to Obama will be, "What exactly do you want me to report, Mr. President?" Good luck with placating the 17 "not one more" lobbyists in town to meet with Obama, Jeh.

    Notice Obama said nothing like, "I am going to personally...", i.e., like he gives a crud. He probably just wants the open border extremists off his back but in buying time--again--has whetted their appetite--again. Well, now it's Jeh's problem. Classic Obama!

    Here's the problem for Obama & Jeh: The "immigrant rights activists" (i.e., the anti-sovereignty, anti-rule of law, anti-limits activists) already demand nothing less than "not one more." Thus, anything less than blanket administrative amnesty will be met by more threats to "escalate" (they're done trying to convince I keep hearing). Whatever new partial amnesty he announces (if he goes through with it) will be met with "It doesn't go far enough. We demand more."

    Meanwhile, Republicans whose base will crucify them should they sell out will be high-fiving each other for having their point further proven about the imperial president not taking immigration law (among other laws) seriously so why bother with CIR?

    "More humanely" could mean anything, including nothing, but the prosecution discretion memos already have practically every excuse under the sun as excuses not to enforce ("positive factors") with just a few OK to prosecute categories. On the one hand, they have a benchmark of 400,000 they want to live up to (even via "misleading" statistics) but they can't come up with that many hardcore criminals or terrorists--presuming the anti-enforcement lobbyists would even tolerate those types. The position of the Democrats (Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer, etc.) is now immigration law in and of itself is not a reason to deport anyone. Obama had to have known--once you start down the administrative amnesty road, they will always want another and a bigger. Just look at what Friday attendee and perma-lobbyist Frank Sharry is calling for:

    "Go bold, go big, go now."

    You made your bed, Mr. President. Have fun with these people for another 34 months.
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