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Letters of the Week: Mar 17 - Mar 21

Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.
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Updated 03-17-2014 at 09:25 AM by IDBlog

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  1. linda grays's Avatar
    It seems that what ever any American say when they do not agree with illegal immigration in America, our president wants to force it on Americans any way, it seems that he must have his way, when it comes to illegal immigration. Americans tend to have no more real voting rights, our voting do not count any more, only the Hispanic votes count now in America because they are connected with millions of illegal aliens, Americans have to much interference with voting for any body, our presidents, senators, governments, mayors, Other Americans really have no say so any more, It looks like America will no longer be America! In reality if an amnesty get passed, America will continue to be run by illegal aliens and all of their advocates, with all their legal status. They are going to rule America! Americans will continue to be in the back of the lines to jobs, in their own country, while use to be illegal aliens, be in the front of the line to our jobs, and every thing else, with them getting millions of work permits, Americans will be in terrible competition with them!

    It's to the point now that illegal aliens and all of their advocates are crying about deportations in America, they want our president and congress to stop deportations, their excuses as usual is America should not separate families! In return Obama is trying to find a way to stop deportations, this means that it will not matter who they really are many of them are going to lie about who they really are and get a free pass into America! America is dealing with so much problem with illegal aliens, to our president it seems that our massive immigration problem, all of what illegal aliens really do is hidden, or they just do not care or they just ignore all of the wrong things that is happening with million of illegal aliens, our own politicians has found ways to just sweep all illegal aliens wrongdoings under the carpet, and just force all illegal aliens wrongdoings on Americans!!! Because of illegal immigration in America, there are a lot of strong discrimination going on, only no American are allow to call many things discrimination, that has been blocked by many laws, business, our labor laws, our chambers of commerce! all because this way illegal aliens can have their way in America!!!!! Because of massive illegal immigration, and illegal aliens roaming America so freely America is already a lost country, Americans do not really exist any more!

    It seems that all illegal aliens excuses is helping them in America!
    1. They want to stop deportations now, why? so that they can stop being separated from families!
    2. because their children supposedly have come to America at no fault of their own, America must reward their children this so call Dream Act! grant them an automatic American citizens ship!
    3. They are allow to have their children born in America just for the sake of making their children instant American citizens, so they can stay in America, and so their children can become their anchors to America, and them to get benefits to many of our government free bees, low income housings, sec 8 programs, medical, food stamps, WIC programs! with our low income housing, sec 8 programs already leaving millions of Americans who do have legal status on a long waiting list! our own politicians do not care!!!!
    4. illegal aliens getting jobs so they can take care of their families, regardless of all their illegal status, and regardless who they really are, regardless of rather out employers know who they are, and them taking millions of jobs in America a way from millions of Americans, and while at the same time their are millions of jobless Americans who can not take care of their families!
    5.Them wanting and getting their children to go to school in America, regardless how they are mostly the majority in our schools now, regardless of all their illegal status, or how they came to America, just as long as they are able to claim a residence in America! All of this already makes it difficult to solve illegal immigration in America! It looks like illegal aliens and all of their advocates has been setting up house for illegal aliens for years all a lone, now they are trying to complete it!
    6. Illegal aliens are allow to be first in line to all out toys for tot programs, for their children, with Americans always in the back of the lines for their children, this has been going on for years!!

    Only America allow all this kind of corruption with another country's poor, only our America politicians allow another country's poor welfare come before their own Americans welfare, millions of Americans are desperate waiting for jobs, in America, at the same time millions of illegal aliens are working, bringing home pay checks, this is a_ s backwards, Why are Americans own politicians hurting their own Americans with massive illegal immigration, why do our politicians allow illegal immigration to interfere with Americans progressing in their own country??? This in reality has nothing to do with being racist or brown people, it just so happen that the majority of illegal aliens happen to be brown, happen to be coming from Mexico!

    America massive immigration problems are not being handle right or fair! Americans are really being hurt because of it! This president now, is welling to sell America and it citizens out to another country's poor!
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